dinsdag 22 maart 2011

Polaroiding ;D

I tried this really awesome program where you can turn your own digital pictures into old polaroid-like photos! ;D And I absolutely adore it! <3
For ages my dream has been to own a polaroid camera (if anyone knows one for sale, please, do tell me!), and now it's possible to fake it, haha xD
Love it (:
And it's so funny! You drag the picture to the 'real' camera on your screen, and then it makes this old photo-taking-noise, and it prints out the photo, and then you're supposed to shake it. Or not, you could also just wait, but I like the shaking part, hihi ;3
Don't you think it's awesome? (:

Goebai, please leave a comment <33

8 opmerkingen:

  1. hahaha i think i use the same program too.. is it poladroid? i agree it's awesome. high five!

  2. I love polaroid photos! And I have always whished to own one, but never had :( could you tell me which program do you use, I'm very interested in!
    you look so lovely in these pics, and the one with your dog (i suppose :)) is absolutely too sweet!! the one set at the seaside is amazing, and it actually looks so romantic!!
    you're a great photographer!!

  3. Thank you Lucy, you made me smile once again (: Really sweet <3 Honestly, comments like these mean so much to me ;D
    And here, for you; the link where I downloaded it: http://www.poladroid.net/download.html
    Have fun with it! <3

  4. wij moeten ook foto's maken en daarvan poladriod foto's van maken!

  5. MY IDEA! haha
    please send me a link to the program? (A)

  6. Hee,ik volg je blog al een tijdje.
    Ik heb de link van jouw blog op mijn blog gezet :)
    Kijk: www.eenbloemetjesgordijn.blogspot.com


  7. Oh super! Ik ben echt een grote fan van polaroid foto's :) En die van jou zijn echt leuk gedaan! Welk programma gebruik daarvoor? :D


    ps: ik vind die met je twee honden de mooiste! :D Superlief, echt.