zondag 29 mei 2011

Not the usual high quality pictures, no no, these are made with the old fashion webcam x]
With Bello, the ones with the sweater made like a month ago, and the ones with the tanktop ( I know, I'm sorry, I was still in my pyjama's xD ) made this week. (:
I'm so glad I still have Petty, now with Brandy gone and stuf...
I never really noticed how great that dog is, because Brandy was really my dog, and of course, I loved Bello,
played with him, but it was just a bit less than how I loved Brandy.
But now Brandy's not around anymore, he made room for Bello, and it is really a lot less awfull with Bello still here than having no dog at all anymore.
I really truly love them both <3

And now I'm of to sleep, it's late xD Went to Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 today! ;D
It was such a great movie (: If I'm honest, I like it more than the other 3 movies xD
So much less confusing!

Well goodnight, and have a nice day/week/month/year/life (:

woensdag 11 mei 2011

Weekend away (:

In the full stashed car. xD Really, I had nowhere to move to, door + pillow on my left side,
pillow with allot of crap on the other seat on my right side, and a dog taking all the space
in my feet area x] He actually tried to climb on my leg all the time, but at one point it was
it was getting to crazy xD He's crazy :} 

Three weekends ago (easter weekend) I went on a small trip with my mother, sister and dog.
Not to far away, to Zeeland (Sealand?) that is on the far south-east of the Netherlands. Anyway, it's near
the beach, and I've been coming there ever since I was little. And I adore it there (: We found a camping
owned by really nice people, with horses all over the place, next to a beatufil forest (with the lake in it),
near the cutest town you'll ever see, and 2 minutes away from the beach (but we had to go with Bello
to a special dog-beach, and in my opinion it was even lovelier on that beach than the regular xD

I also went to Italy last weekend, I'll probably post some pictures of that too, when I have time. School
is really killing right now. Actually, at this moment, I'm supossed to study biology (big test tomorrow),
but the last time I posted a post was already such a long time ago x]

And this is a animation, that I love (yes, love, and I don't use that word very easily), watch it (in HQ), and be amazed;

Goodbye, hope you'll have a lovely day (: