donderdag 16 juni 2011

Weekend away #2 (:

I've been away for the weekend once again! ;D With one of my best friends, Niki!
And we've made some awesome pictures (:
And we've had an awesome time! I even scored a job!
'Cause it's a camping we're always staying on, and they desperatly needed people,
and my summervacation starts real soon, and now we came to the conclusion that
me and my little sister are each going to place a tent on the camping, we can 'live' there for free,
and we can both invite friends to work there too! (:
And they're such nice people! Really, I feel like home around there <3

And today I wore the cutest outfit! At the H&M they have really cheap dresses and shirts and skirts en pants
and they're actually cute too! I went there yesterday, and it was too bad I only had €10,- with me,
otherwise, I probably would have bought everything there!
So I only bought one dress, but I'm definitely going back real soon! ;D

Goodnight! <3