maandag 7 maart 2011

Carnaval (:

So, for a few days already now, it's Carnaval (: It's a dutch fest, mainly celebrated in the south of Holland. Where I live x] First I wasn't going to celebrate it, because I hate it. I hate the stupid music, the costums are waaaaaay to expensive ( yeah, that's the deal, you have to wear crazy suits. :} ), and if you want some booze, your throwing away at least twice as much money as normal. Not that I'm a real drinker, but still.
So, I wasn't going to celebrate it ( read; getting drunk after your float won or lose ), but my friends Niki en Moes came to sleep over for 2 nights, and they wanted to see the show/procession so badly, I gave in. xD
And I guess it was kinda fun (: The floats were pretty cool xD
I was a ladybird! ;D Or ladybug, whatever you want to call it :} But I didn't wore the wings, cause they were uncomfortable. And Moes was Mss. Lovett! From Sweeney Todd ;D She was pretty! ;D
And Niki borrowed a suit from us, Minni Mouse. But, we couldn't find the ears, so, she was an earless Minnie Mouse. And that was how we looked like when we were cruising through town c:
And we had so much fun the rest of the days :}
AND IN 2 DAYS I'M IN LONDON! ;D I'm sooo looking forward to it! ;D I have saved quite some money, that I'm going to spend wildly! xD

These days were fun, got my mind a bit of that Brandy died last week. I guess that's how I get over things; not letting my feelings out that much, and if I do, it's only for one day, and my pain's really serious. And focussing on other things. What isn't that hard, if you are called Rozemarijn, and have the concentration of a squirrel. xDD

Goebai, live life like there's no tomorrow! ;D ( That's my new line, what do you think of it? xD )

xxx <3

7 opmerkingen:

  1. hahahhaxd wat een leuke foto's! gezellig dat je toch een soort van carnaval had gevierdxd ik haat het ook hoor! van die bah muziekxd maar leuk dat je een leuke tijd had !

  2. ahahah! careval is such a funny celebration! here in italy we have loads of parties, streets celebrations and stuff like that :)
    nice to hear that it's celebrated even elsewhere!

    have a look at my blog if you want :)

  3. ok, that's weird! A kind of twin in Holland, nice to know that!
    I ve never been to Holland, but Im planning to go there in summer, I have always wanted to visit it!

    I'm now def going to follow you!

  4. That's nice! I love the area near Volterra, it's a nice place! but I live near in the north east, near Bologna actually :)
    Thanks for all your tips for the journey, I'll consieder them!

  5. haha, dat is een zolder! Bedankt voor je lieve reactie. Ik ben dus Nederlands, dus doe maar geen moeite om in het engels te schrijven. :) hihi! Echt lief van je!