vrijdag 25 maart 2011

Bello is a model! ;D Part 1

I took my dad's camera on the first beautiful spring day in Holland, and Bello started to act all hyped,
so I guess my dad did something really good when he took pictures of him last time! x]
He was really modeling, so weird! xD
And, I have to say, I have a pretty handsome dog, don't I? :} I love him, he's my little big man <3
What do you think of my photographic-skillz? 

Part 2 coming maybe in the future some day (:

Okay, bye x]

dinsdag 22 maart 2011

Polaroiding ;D

I tried this really awesome program where you can turn your own digital pictures into old polaroid-like photos! ;D And I absolutely adore it! <3
For ages my dream has been to own a polaroid camera (if anyone knows one for sale, please, do tell me!), and now it's possible to fake it, haha xD
Love it (:
And it's so funny! You drag the picture to the 'real' camera on your screen, and then it makes this old photo-taking-noise, and it prints out the photo, and then you're supposed to shake it. Or not, you could also just wait, but I like the shaking part, hihi ;3
Don't you think it's awesome? (:

Goebai, please leave a comment <33

woensdag 16 maart 2011


I am in love with the song above! It remembers me of The Parent Trap, a movie I used to watch when I was little, and when Lindsay still was a cute little girl x] I always loved the scene with this song, it was just so romantic and happy (: And I adored theyre little handshake! Me and my little sister (15) practiced for ages, and we could do it, but of course forgot at one point... Maybe I should ask her if she wants to learn it again! ;D
And the pictures I made when I was in London and on my way back home. And I have to say, I'm in love with my own cloud-pictures! xD I know, it's a bit weird, but I'm really proud of them! There are many more of pictures like those, but I should bother you with them x] But don't you think they are beautiful too? (: And I haven't photoshopped/edited even! I only put my name in the corner, because I could stand if people would steal it from me or something... xD
Are you proud of you pictures sometimes? I have to admit, I do. Sometimes, when I take 93278492 pictures, and one or two of them are super, I'm so happy ;D

Well, goodbye my friend, see you later? (:
xxxx <3

maandag 14 maart 2011

Mind the gap! (London post ;D)

Heeyaa! ;D Back from London (:
It was sooooo nice! (: And so many things have happened! Fun, but also some scary stuff x]
But first, a few of the items I bought in lovely lovely London ;D There are many more, but I'm also quite busy x] Really, it's like they only do it just to bully me, those stupid teachers :}

I adore my new little tick-tock ;3 I always love to accesorize ;D And how about you? I personally can't live without my necklace, that's for sure. And with that necklace (that I got form my grandma) I like to wear another. A longer one. (: And bracelets xD And rings! ;D I gave up on earrings tho :} My pierced ears always grow shut again within 2 months x] I already pierced them at least 3 times x] So now I gave my little sister almost all my old earrings :}
Next post, I'll post some real photografy again, not based on fashion, but clouds! ;D
Ooooh, I'm so looking forward to the summer! Nice hot long days again, really, I have these summervibes ;D

Goebai <3

maandag 7 maart 2011

Carnaval (:

So, for a few days already now, it's Carnaval (: It's a dutch fest, mainly celebrated in the south of Holland. Where I live x] First I wasn't going to celebrate it, because I hate it. I hate the stupid music, the costums are waaaaaay to expensive ( yeah, that's the deal, you have to wear crazy suits. :} ), and if you want some booze, your throwing away at least twice as much money as normal. Not that I'm a real drinker, but still.
So, I wasn't going to celebrate it ( read; getting drunk after your float won or lose ), but my friends Niki en Moes came to sleep over for 2 nights, and they wanted to see the show/procession so badly, I gave in. xD
And I guess it was kinda fun (: The floats were pretty cool xD
I was a ladybird! ;D Or ladybug, whatever you want to call it :} But I didn't wore the wings, cause they were uncomfortable. And Moes was Mss. Lovett! From Sweeney Todd ;D She was pretty! ;D
And Niki borrowed a suit from us, Minni Mouse. But, we couldn't find the ears, so, she was an earless Minnie Mouse. And that was how we looked like when we were cruising through town c:
And we had so much fun the rest of the days :}
AND IN 2 DAYS I'M IN LONDON! ;D I'm sooo looking forward to it! ;D I have saved quite some money, that I'm going to spend wildly! xD

These days were fun, got my mind a bit of that Brandy died last week. I guess that's how I get over things; not letting my feelings out that much, and if I do, it's only for one day, and my pain's really serious. And focussing on other things. What isn't that hard, if you are called Rozemarijn, and have the concentration of a squirrel. xDD

Goebai, live life like there's no tomorrow! ;D ( That's my new line, what do you think of it? xD )

xxx <3

dinsdag 1 maart 2011

Rest In Peace Brandy ):

Today, march the 1st, my dog died. Kinda sad, because my dad and nephew were both born this day too. Happy birthday I guess ):
In only 9 days, he would be 13. I know, he was already unbelievebly old, but still. I hoped it would never happen. Crazy, I know, but I love, or... loved him so badly...
He was always my best friend. I've known him for already 10 years. We got him when he was 3. So I was 6 back then. And I've been awfully bullied when I still was in primary school, and he would always be there for me. I love him more then all my friends. ):
We just came back from the vet. I held his head untill his last breath. I've looked him in the eyes, and he looked back, untill he was really gone.
I just can't believe it. I just won't except it! Why? Why is life this cruel?!

On sunday he got that fever, and flue, that did it. He just couldn't fight anymore. He already had bumps all over his body. The vet was sure it was cancer, but didn't dared to realy examinate it, because it could spread that way.

He was my little buddy. My comrade. My right hand. My companion. My sidekick.
When I was younger, he was my protector, he would fight for me against everyone. And later, I was his protector, I would protect him from our other dog, Bello, cause he was so young and always wanted to play. But Brandy got old, and oftenly wasn't in the mood anymore. I would do anything for him.
And I just can't believe I won't ever hear him bark again. Or play with him anymore. We still played on saturday! Well, not really play anymore.
When he was younger, we used to drag eachother through our garden, both helding a side of an old towel. Or not and old one. It could also be just new ones. And then my mom would be furious again, but I would just do it again. Brandy and I were partners in crime. (:
But after he got older, the playing was more like; me pushing him away, and he would hobble back to me, and then I would push him again. And he barking and wagging his tail like there was no tomorrow. And suddenly, there really was no tomorrow for him anymore.
And for the last couple of years, I was always sitting in our 'recreationroom' where my computer and me and my sister tv is. And he always came lying next to me. Against my leg, peacefully sleeping, while I was busy with my computer and other things.
And when he was younger! Ooh, he was just the most crazy and sweetest dog in the world! As a young child, I always yanked his tail if I wanted him close to me, and he would just always let that happen (: He let everything happen, with love, because he was like a big brother to me. And he was always so playfull, and was always in for a cuddle. D:
But he also got reaeaeal bad manners x] He stole food of the table (and up untill his last week still did xD), he opened doors (including the one from our backyard; if we didn't lock it, he would escape, make stroll around the block, and came back, so we would let him in xD). He always wanted our company, and hated it to be alone.
And now all I want is his company. :'(
Luckily I still have Bello, a little light in the dark. But I already miss Brandy so damn much. D: I can't stop crying. ):

I love you, you crazy, witty, and stupid dog. I love you, always have, always will, and I will never forget you. You are, and always will be, my little Brennie <3