zondag 27 februari 2011

Meus and Reus ;D

Yesterday, my friend Marloes had a big gymnastics competition, and she won! ;D Two times, and one time second (: And afterwards we had a sleepover x] It was nice! ;D And in a bit witty mood, we made some pictures xD

 Lovely, isn't she? ;D I luuuuvvv you Maleusje <3

Goebai (:

donderdag 24 februari 2011

Yes! Finally! Pictures of my Sevilla vacation! ;D

Ooh I'm so happy! My telephone, on wich I made all my vactationpics, was being a total bitch!
But, finally, I figured it out (: And I'm going to show you a few pictures of the awesome time I've had there! ;D

Pretty flower in a famous garden we visited.

I adore the colors in this on, even that much that I'm saying it of my own picture x]
This was in a little church, near our hotel.

It was funny that a whole street was named this way, because my moms name is Isabel xD
And we even made fun of it, because of the 'La Catolica' followed after 'Isabel', because my mother is totally not catholic. xD Really, not at all. :} She was raised with it, but she doesn't believe in God. xD
I would like to believe in God. A person that is looking over us, waiting for us in our promised land.
I also like the idea of reincarnation. I just can't accept the fact that we're just... 'gone' after our death!
Flower pots filled with Rosemary. I love to eat it, and I love how I'm named after it. ;D

Another pair of pretty poppies ;D

A little fountain that was just magical <3

Little ducklings! ;D The only letdown was, that I accidentally sit in duckshit making this picture.
But, everything for art xD
That lovely fountain again. (:
A flower pot with the name of one of the gardens we visited in Sevilla on it.

A bush I guess?

A little waterfall from what the water ended in a little pond full of gigantic fishes! xD

And peacocks were also wandering around everywhere. ;D

This flower was the size of my hand! ;D

Brave little duck against the gigantic fishes x]

This little sparrow kept on sitting there untill I was so close with my camere to him that I nearly touched him!
Then I guess he thought it was enough :}

And we met the cutest little puppy! ;D It was so sweet!

And all he wanted to do was cuddling! He was adoreble! <3

I don't excactly know what is was anymore, an eclipse or a lunar eclipse, or something like that xD
But that was happening on the flight back, really early, around 4 am I think. And we were the only ones to see it, because it was to cloudy in the Netherlands! So it was kinda special ;D

The beautiful frozen window on the airplane (:
I just had to take a picture of it xD

My eyes (:

The clouds on the airplane trip towards Sevilla! It was so amazing! You had to see it xD

The hotel we were staying over in. It was so sweet and lovely, with the little flowes on the balkony, and it was all open ;D And the people were also so nice xD

Thanks for watching, leave a comment? That would be very sweet of you! <3
Cheerio <3

zaterdag 19 februari 2011

I want these! (UGG special xD)

I want them sooooo badly!
It's the UGG Adirondack:

The only problem is that I just had new UGG's. x]
Literally, just 2 weeks ago or something. :} And then my mom bought a pair for herself too.
My family is a bit into UGG's  xDD The pair I just got is already my 4th pair :}
For the first pair I wanted, I had too nag for I don't know how long! And then I finally got them (:
Those looked like these:

But after a year or so, they've gotten really worn out. So I wanted new shoes.
I didn't want even UGG's, but my mom insisted x] So I got these:

Everybody thought they were silly, but I loved them xD My mom still wears them inside the house. Like house-slippers :} And sometimes I wear them too :}
But my caught another UGG that I really wanted. But my mom thought I didn't need them. And she found them too expensive. So, I did allot of chores, and my mom eventually bought them much cheaper from a site, right out of australia. xD Those looked like these:

The one on the left (: I wore these almost everyday; I adored them! And up till 2 weeks ago I wore them really everytime ;D But they were also kinda worn out ( I own them 2,5 years already xD Give me a break x]), so my mom wanted me to buy new ones. We were shopping in the city when she suddenly said to me: 'You have to get new UGG's!'
But I didn't want new ones. I said to her: 'I would rather buy 20 pairs of other shoes, for the same money!'
But she told me: 'No, you are going to get new UGG's, cause you have big feet, and they fit you perfectly.'
So I said: 'Well, thankyou! But I don't want them. Really, I don't.'
But she still yanked me into every UGG store we came across, and showed me every pair she thought was nice. And I told her everytime; 'No. Those are ugly.' 'No, I don't want them!' 'Nooooo! Maybe 20 pair of other shoes?!'
But then she showed me this awesome pair... And I was in love again x] So she bought me these:

Don't you just love them too? ;D But... Now I also really want those UGG's I posted first, the Adirondack. I guess I'll just have to save than :}

Goebai, I hope I didn't bore you with my UGG-nagging, haha! xD

Cheerio <3