dinsdag 30 november 2010

Pete: Berg, you can't sleep in my bed, people talk enough as it is. Go sleep on the couch.
Berg: I can't sleep on the couch. Last week I spilled milk on it and for some reason it smells bad.
Pete: So go sleep on the floor!
Berg: I can't sleep on the floor.
Pete: Why not?
Berg: For some reason there's a trail of ants leading to the couch.

And it keeps on being so friggin funny! ;D
Blugh, it snows here. Why God, whyyyyyy?! I mean, it's fun, for the first 2 hours, and inside it's cozy (:
But last year, it kept on snowing all - the - time.
At some point, it ain't funny anymore. :}
Tomorow back to school. ): With the wind blasting at a temperature of -13 till -17 degrees. (:
Lovely. (: It won't be surprising if there were penguins hopping around, folowed by husky's and polarbears. xD

Now I'm going to my nice, warm bed, and going to enjoy it as long as I can D:

Goetnait everybody. <3

maandag 29 november 2010

love it (:

Sharon: Can I talk to you guys for a second?
[storms past them]
Berg: She knows.
Pete: She does?
Berg: Play dumb.
Pete: We are dumb.
[they walk over to Sharon]
Sharon: Are you guys nuts?
Berg: [flipping a page on his notepad] I'm Nuts. This is my partner, Pretzels.
Pete: What seems to be the problem, ma'am?

HAHAHAHA, I just totally love it <333
I want all the DVD's (:
Just like all my Friends DVD's (:
And Ryan Reynolds is just plain HAWT ;D

Agaaaaaaaaaaain D:

Geees, I'm sick again! If I'm getting sick once more... I think I'm going mad. :}
I've finished buying all of my presents, now I just have to make one more surprise. :}

My bed is heaven now, goodbai. <3

donderdag 25 november 2010

The sweetest song :3

You can take my heart for a walk on the beach
You can take my heart for a little trip
You can take my heart very close to your heart
You can take my heart forever if you like

But not every heart belongs to any other
You and I
You and I are meant to be
I'm the one for you, You're the one for me
You love me as much as I do
When you look at me and we're skin to skin
I want you so
Please come in
And you love me more and more
And my love grows up with you
And you kiss me more and more
And I kiss you, too
And I kiss you, too

    ~ Take My Heart , SoKo

Did you ever see anyone shot by a gun without bleeding?

No? Didn't? Well, you're reading a blog of one of the victims...

One of these days, I'll grow old, I'll grow brave.

One of these days, I'll grow old, I'll grow brave.
One of these days, I'll grouw old, I'll behave.
One of these days, I'll grow old, and I will care.
But untill that day, I won't be aware. (:

   ~ Rozemarijn van Essen (usedthefirstsentencefromangusandjuliastonexd)

woensdag 24 november 2010

Soo much drama...

So much drama, so many fights.
So many egos and so many lies.
All wrapped around some peoples aura.
But it only gives me nausea.
I wish I had this magical word,
that would make this all stop.
But all what happens is people getting hurt,
and one of my tears is just another raindrop.

   ~Rozemarijn van Essen.

Again, so true. :}

Knocked down round for round, you're feeling like you're shot down on the ground.

I’m off on a adventure,
I’m on my way to heaven.
You might hear the birds singing, flying around,
You never see them too long on the ground,
You wanna be one of them.
Hey!, Mr. Rager, Mr. Rager,
Tell me where you’re going,
Tell us where you’re headed,
I’m off on an adventure.
Mr. Rager, tell me some of your stories,
Tell us of your travels.

   ~Kid Cudi

Teehee! ;D - I see London and Madrid! ;D Wel, not Madrid, but Sevilla and Volterra, but whatever. xD

Ooh, and did I already mention, this christmas, I'm going to be in Sevilla! ;D In spain, hmmmm, nice warm and hot an warm and nice, and full of shopping-places! ;D
And! This spring-vacation... I'm going to be in LONDON! ;DDDDDDDDDD
I mean, Sevilla, jeej, jippie, super, but Londen! ;D Yeah! (:
Finally. :}
And just because my sister said; 'I want to go to London! ;D'
I mean, I'm already asking to go to America for ages, and my sisters says once 'I would like to go there' and wer're going there. xD
But, at my request, we're going to Volterra this summervacaa (:
I really need some Italy again <33
And Toscane is probably my favorite part of it (:

Goebai! ;D

Alright, this is Venice. xD But, I even like Venice more then Volterra. And I already adore Volterra. :}

London ;D

Sevilla ;D

'Cause when the lights go down, and when it comes to you and me, girl, ooh, you turn me inside out. (:

You can read me baby, like an open book
Stop me dead in my tracks,
with only just one look
What you see in me is just some kinda mystery
But there ain't no doubt about the chemistry

And after all these reckless years
What doesn't kill us makes us stronger
(Ooh) and after all these
We're the only ones I know
Standing here on our own
'Cause you make me happy! ;D

  ~Will Hoge

Loving you is suicide (:

Loving you is suicide
I don't know should go or should I stay
I'm try'na to keep myself alive
Knowing there's a chance it's all too late
But I heard you say you love me
That's the part I can't forget
And I wish that you come save me
'Cause I'm standing over the edge

    ~Suicide , Rihanna

Midnight Sunshine [3]

Tonight... Yeah, I had this dream again. xD
And it was about... Well, it was about Justin Bieber. :}

At first in the dream, everybody was mad at me, I don't remember about what, but okay. xD
Then, I went to this birthday from a friend of my mother, and I saw a picture at hyves (dutch facebook)? From a friend of mine (girl) hugging with another friend (boy) of mine. So the next thing what happened that I was hugging with him. And it felt so sweet and nice (:
But then he turned into another friend of mine (another girl), and we both looked at a picture of her, a classmate of hers (boy) and the daughter of the friend of my mother sitting under a... Well, let's say a pier, I guess?
And then I was on that birthday party again. From the pier, I dove into the water ( the garden where the party was held, layed next to a lake, that's why. xD ), and I discoverd a lot of friends of mine where there, who were already in the water (:
There I discovered that everybody had special powers... ? (Don't ask me about it. xD I can barely remember that part. :} )
We had to get out of the water, so I crawled back on the pier little pier that was floating in front of the real, standing on beams pier. That where I fell.
I fell back in the water, and for some reason, I couldn't swim anymore? So I nearly drowned, and people jumped after me, to save me. So, I was on the little pier again, spitting all the water out in my lungs. When I noticed somebody else was drowning too, and there were also people rescueing him.
When they came to the surface, I saw that the 'drowningperson' was Justin Bieber. xD
So when I said 'hi' , and he smiled and 'hi'ed back at me, he tried to climb on the mainpier. That's when a friend of mine started fiering questions at him. xD So much that he just stayed in the water. The place where he was going to sit was coincidentally the place where I stretched my leg, so he was like; 'Ooh, oops! I'm sorry!' but I said; 'No, don't be, you can sit on it. xD I'm not that breakable. :}'
So he smiled, and sat. (:
My friend continued her questiones; 'What song do you sing the most?'
He: 'Baby, of course.'
Me: 'Baby?'
He, somewhat quieter; 'Yeah... Baby...'
Me: 'Of course, 'cause that's the most popular, right?'
He: 'Yep (:'
My friend: 'Which from your own songs do you like the most?'
He: 'Well... I don't know, I like a lot of them xD I like that new song of me.. Play or something? '
Me: 'You mean Pray? Ooh, I totally love that song (: But my most favorite song of you, would probably be... That should be me (:'
He: 'Yeah! That's one of my favorites too!'
Me: 'And Up. (:'
He: 'Totally!'
So we both laughed. xD
That night he would preform at a concert, and me and a few friends already had tickets, but I asked: 'Say, Justin, your concert tonight...'
He: 'My concert tonight... (:'
Me: 'Well, I was wondering, are there any VIP-passes? And is there a chance you could get some for us? You know, so we could hang out or something after the show? (:'
He: 'Yeah, right, of course I could do that.'
So the next thing I know, we were all sitting in this room, all chatting and having fun. ;D
Then my friend said; 'Justin, could we take a picture together? That would be nice! (:'
Me: 'Yeah, Justin, I would like that too ;D'
So he said; 'Of course, does somebody have a camera?'
She: 'I do!'
So first she was taking a picture with him, and then it was my turn.
He: 'Do you want to sit on my lap?'
Me: 'Excuse me?'
He: 'Yeah, I sat on you leg, so now you can sit on mine, right? xD'
Me: 'Alrighty then. :}'
So we took a picture togeter, me sitting on his lap... xD

Yeah... I have pretty weird dreams. :}

Omg, I'm already working on this post for over 4 hours. xDD Damn you tv! Stop being that interesting, haha! xD

dinsdag 23 november 2010

Whatever you want.

Well, then, if you like it this waym you won't hear a thing from me, I won't talk to you, untill you act reasonable again. (:
It's your wish, not mine, I've done the best I could do xD

Farewell, cheerio, ciao, adieu and addio (:



Man, I love that movie (:
Maybe because they speak Italian, and I'm part Italian too, so I can pretend like I understand it. :}
But mostly because it's such a great story (: And it's so funny ;D

Goebai! ;D

Desperate Housewife-life # 2

You know, Denise, my 'friend'? Well, we're finding some trouble again. :}
At first, a chat from a few days ago:
There is this chat-thingy, msn, where you can put sentences in your names and stuff, so in hers stood: 'Brown girls are pretty, red girls are smart, but only a blond girl, can steal a boys heart'

So I said; So I can't steal a boys heart? xD
She: yes you can't n_n
Me: Joker
She: n_n
She: cakeje :W
Me: wtf?
She: [a]
She: You really don't have a short-term memory anymore, dude -)
Me: that little beam that hit my head?!
But, she reffered to the little cupcake I made on the birth-day party of Niki, I put 'Joker' ( but hen in dutch: 'grapjas') on there too. xD
But that comment 'yes you can't' alone! Good! o___O

And now there's also something happening. :}
But, maybe I'll post that tomorrow. xD
'Cause I think allot will happen next... Perhaps. >.<

Goebai <3

I should stick to reality, you know

“ Why did I make my only life
A life made only of dreams?



But that's what I'll do...

if I never see you again
I will always carry you

on my fingertips
and at brain edges

and in centers
of what I am of
what remains.

   ~Charles Bukowski

I've lost the game

I should have known this before,
because everyone is the same
I was blinded by your kindness,
and now I've lost the game
I shouldn't have acted so unprocurable,
But maybe I'm not the one to blame
Perhaps it's all your fault,
Perhaps you've lost the game.

   ~Rozemarijn van Essen (:

Butterflies too are few

You can never have too much sky. You can fall asleep and wake up drunk on sky, and sky can keep you safe when you are sad. Here there is too much sadness and not enough sky. Butterflies too are few and so are flowers and most things that are beautiful.
    ~Sandra Cisneros

I'd like to try to read your palm

Now I need your hidden love
I’m cold as a new razor blade
You left when I told you I was curious
I never said that I was brave


Wrong people that supossed to be your friends, mistakes
Wrong things you say, mistakes
Feeling like somebody really does love you, mistake
Hurting people unconsiously, mistake
Thinking I'm here for a reason, mistake
Put all mistakes in life together, and you'll get me.
    ~Rozemarijn van Essen

Deals in life can be pretty fun (:

HAHAHA, me and one of my best friends and me have another deal; we're going to learn this song, so we can sing along with it, without any mistakes! xD Our other deal was that we would grow our hair, without cutting it short anymore... I have to say, it's kinda hard, because I hate the length my hair has now. D:<
But, in a little while, it will be exactly as I want it to be! ;D Long, and I won't style it then anymore, so it will become pretty wavy, almost fully curling. And then I'll let it cut in layers, so it will curl perfectly again! ;D

The famous 'Moes-and-Me-song':

80th post! :}

Oh can't you see
I'm just being me
I can't be you
And I don't want to be
Don't try to get
Inside my head
Cause what you see is what you get

I am what I am
I can't help myself
And if you don't like it get with somebody else
I'll never change my ways
It's not a phase
This is how it is right up until my dying day

   ~JonasBrothers (:

But... (:

But this new Justin Bieber-song makes life suddenly a lot brighter again (:
Idunno, it's so much more grown-up and stuff. Not that little kid who sings about love, while he never even felt it. xD
And his voice is much deeper too. (:
If it continues to get lower, I might become a real fan. xD

Goebai (:

Bleeegh. D:

Sick, AGAIN! D:
But, now it isn't a stomach-flu, I just feel extremely nauseous, and I'm throwing up all the time. ):
Bleeegh. D:

And later this week, they're about a 100% positive it's going to snow. o___O I mean, COME ON! I just stopped snowing, then we had just a little summer, and now it's starting again! D:`
Don't get me wrong, I like the snow (: But only the part with the hot cocoa, sitting in front of the bonfire with friends and family, nice warm bed and the lovely atmospheres. ;D
Not the part with the cold and the wet snow and weather! >.<'
This thursday... It's probably going to be around -13 degrees! D: And a chance that going to snow.
But on sunday, they're positive everything is covered in snow. ¬¬
Yuck yuck yuck. ):

zondag 21 november 2010


Omg, I just went to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1! ;DDDDDDDD
And, geeeeeeeeeeeees, that movie is just in one word amazing! (:
I can't wait for the second part D: <
It has to come out noooooow! xD And the two last Twilight-sage movies! (:
And aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the rest of the Narnia-movies. :}
( Gee, you think I'm a fan of movies based on books? ;D )
But they have to come out right now! D:
And now I'm gonna eat my Ben&Jerry's! ;D

Goebai! <3

zaterdag 20 november 2010

Da doo da doo life's good (:

Waaaaaaaaaaah, so relieved ;D
I just had this very very very stressfull week D: Sort of a schooltest week, or something? xD
But, it had a real nice ending, 'cause of a sleepover of a good friend of mine. (: Haven't had that much fun in ages anymore ;D So I did some things I really had to do; work hard for school, have some fun with my friends again, and now I can relax (:

The only thing I still want to do is going to that new HP movie, goddamnit. xDD

Haha, goebai! ;D

zaterdag 13 november 2010

I always used to have real long hair with curls... Untill I cut it of. xD
Sometimes I miss it.. ):
I'm thinking about letting it grow again, but than on the same length, style, untill it's really long. Then I'll let it curl again. (:

I also used to have the ugliest glasses in the world. xD

dinsdag 9 november 2010

Home alone part 34723498 or so? & A desperate housewife life :}

Yep, I´ve stayed home today. xD
And my belly-ache is killing meeeee. D:

But, now about that friend of mine, that I have some kind of trouble with... For a while now, me, 2 other girls and her are the most best friends. (: Me, Niki, Marloes and Denise.
We used to do almost everything together, but after a while, Denise was kinda irritating me. Not often, but just a few times. Untill it became more and more. And I didn't share those feelings with the other two girls, because I didn't know if they were thinking/feeling the same.
She was just living in her own world so much, that it seemed like she didn't care about her friends anymore. The annoying part here is, because of my concussion and loss of allot of my memories, I can't remember much irritating things. So at one point, I was mad at her, but I couldn't remember why again, so it kinda went better. Untill she started living in her own world again, and said one mean thing after another. She may didn't mean most of the things she said, and said like; 'just joking! ;D' after allot, but still, there are things you just don't say.
I came back from my holiday, in wich Marloes stayed over there half time ( what was super! ;D ), and I had soooo much fun stories, and things I just had to tell. So we hung out together, and guess who was the only one talking? Yes, Denise. She couldn't stop yapping about her 'crush'. I mean, of course, it's cute, she had her first crush, but she was talking about him, and almost nothing else, for almost a half year now! At first, I even said to Niki & Moes when they were complaining about the fact she couldn't talk about anything else but Danny, I said: 'Come on guys, give her a break, it's her first crush. I'm glad she finally is in love! It will soon be over (: '
Yeah, somewhat of a underestimation?
So, when wenhung out together, and I even stayed over, I also gave her a present that I bought on my holiday, that meant a lot for me. A little jewel, from the aquamarine stone, for on a necklace. I also bought three other kinds of stones, for the other three of us. And there's a whole story behind that one little thing. So I expacted her to make a big deal out of it, just like Niki & Moes when they'd got it. But she didn't. Well, she was happy with it of course, and for a few minutes she was like; 'Oooh, wauw! Thank you!' But not 10 minutes later, she was talking about Danny again. And Babs. Yeah... That's another good friend of hers. But she is a bit strange... She tried to break the bond between Denise and Niki, and that almost worked, untill Denise noticed it when she also tried to do that between Denise and Moes. Babs kinda likes me, though. xD
And, then, Denise said that she wasn't going to be that close with Babs anymore, because it was all going wrong. And Denise did it aaaaaaaaall wrong again, and she hurted her friends and her family agaaaaain, and she was soooooo sad about it.
Of course, we're the actual victims, but she plays it, uhuh, uhuh, logic.
But, not a week after she said that, she got back to Babs almost running! oO So, that kind of irritated me and Niki. The day we spoke about that, I didn't want to keep my feelings for myself anymore, so I admitted to Niki how I felt about Denise. And she was totally on my team! She had felt the same for also a long time already! But I thought that I was the only one who was feeling that way, and she thought the same, so we didn't say it to eachother. So, that afternoon, we spent the whole time complaining about Denise. xD And how we were so bad by gossiping behind her back about her, and we just had to tell her, because otherwise, maybe our group was going to grow apart... So that day when I drove home with Moes, I told her about it too, and she was also feeling that way, but also didn't had the guts to tell us. xD
So, we had to tell Denise, about the things that she did wrong, because, if I did something that was annoying them, I would like to hear it, so I could stop.
The next we told her, but not all together, because that could be to overwhelming for her, so only Niki was going to talk with her. So when they came standing with us again, she was not looking any of us in the eyes, and stood there for only one minute, then saw that Babs-child, and run away to her.
And then she did even more things that made me/us just blind mad. So there was always this tension in the air, that we all felt, when she was with us. And now, I just heard yesterday from Niki that, when they went to the city, last friday, Denise said that she was kinda mad at me! I mean, COME ON?! Apparently she was mad at me because, apparently I acted the same we that we accused her of day on her party. o____O And that I was the bad guy in this whole story, because at msn, on the day that we told her what was wrong, I all explained it to her ( in my eyes, to avoid growing apart, and her to feel that bad, and to tell her that we were actually kinda hurt by her, but that we love her, and we have except eachother, but in that way, it isn't fun anymore. But that we still absolutely love her, and that nothing's going to change between us, except for the fact that we were hoping that she could act normal again. Those are almost the excact words I used! ), but in her eyes it felt like I was attacking her or something, and that I was trying to rip her apart from our group. I mean, what the.. ?!
And she also acused me of some other stuff, but I can't remember excactly what anymore. So, first Niki looked at her like shec was crazy, and then said; 'Excuse me? Just because Rose was the one to tell what excactly was wrong, doesn't make her the bad guy! What are you thinking? We were hurt by you, and now you are mad at some of us?' Niki told me that after that the day shopping wasn't fun anymore.
So when I heard about that, I was even more upset with Denise. And I was going to test it, by asking her about a fun memory of a us, from a long time ago, when we were 8 or somekind. So I giggled, and asked if she rememberd that, and she only looked bored at me, and said; 'Aah.'
And that was the line crossing move for me.
If she wants to be that close like we used to, she has to do something real special, because I'm not about to forgive her this soon.

A few other things she did, but I didn't mixed in the story above. xD Here they are:
- Not being able to listen, when she wasn't right about something at all, and just kept on being mean about a friend of mine, a girl who even used to be one of her best friends, for crying out loud.
- Flirting with every guy in this whole universe, when she almost has something with that Danny-guy.
- She flirted with the guy that Niki liked a LOT, in front of her. The actual plan was that she and Denise were going to talk with that dude, to make a good impression of Niki to him. But she was afraid to talk with him alone, and Denise knew him a little, so they went together. They agreed to the fact that Niki was going to talk most, and if there was a blanc in the conversation, Denise would fill it up. And the plan also was that all the positive things about Niki would be lightened up. xD So, they went to him, and, of course, guess what. The only thing Niki could do was sitting there and say nothing. There wasn't even a blanc for her to fill. Denise was yapping and yapping, and flirting, and there wasn't a single positive thing she said about Niki, no, there were even bad things she said about her! Seriously? Yeah, seriously...
- On her birthday party, there was this guy that I found attractive, so after the party was over, I told her that, and asked if she couldn't ask him what he thought about me, BUT, subtle please. She told me on msn, that she sent him a text message with in it; bla bla bla, my party was fun, wasn't it? And ooh yeah, Rose likes you, and she wanted to ask me what you think about her.
How about subtle ¬¬  So was a bit irritated by her again, so I only gave her short awnsers from then on, and then went to sleep real early. But, that wasn't even the worst. The next day I came to school, a friend of me and Denise, Anouk, asked me about the fight that was between us. I already told her a few that before that there wasn't a fight, but just a little 'relationship problems', and that it was going to be over soon. And then she said; 'Noo, not that fight, that other fight, if you know what I mean?'
'What other fight?' I asked, wondering why she even knew about our first 'fight', apparently she has to talk about it with everyone in this world, except for making it up with us.
'You know... About that boy, the one you fancied...?'
And I could only look at her completely surprided. That she had told other persons about the fact that I liked a boy! I mean, that was supposed a secret?! So I was furious, and went to her ( but first told Niki about it of course ), and said, quietly, in a monotone voice, by her ear; 'I'm really surprised about the fact that you are so trustable. I mean, telling people about me, liking a boy, a real classic example of trustability.' I was talking louder at the end of the sentence, so Niki could hear what we were talking about too.
Denise responded with; 'Yeah, come on, it was kinda funny don't you think? I mean, you only knew that boy for, I don't know, two hours? And you were already falling in love with him.'
First me and Niki stared thunderstruck at her, and then at eachother. Then I threw back at her; 'One, it wasn't only two hours, it was a whole evening, but that doesn't even matter, because, two, I didn't fall love with him? What do you think?! I only liked him, and the way he looked, COME ON!'
And Niki filled my sentence; 'You like every boy that you see! If it wasn't for that Danny, you would jump on every boy that comes by!'
Denise just shrugged, and then the schoolbell rang, so she just walked away, heading for Babs. She was actually saved by the bell, because if she had just one other 'smart' awnser, I'm a 98% positive I would have slapped her in the face. Just because I would break beneath, every pent-up feeling, every hold back of every real mean word I would have liked to say her, and every little stupid irritation.
- Ahum... She also liked to walk away, without saying anything, almost everytime we were together. Or, just grabbed her stuff when we were sitting together, and went sitting with someone else. How polite.
- I also celebrated my birthday with my friends really late, because of my concussion, on my birthday... ¬¬ So, I had everything ready, and super cheerful, and held it especially in the autumnvacation, because everyone was free then, but of course... Denise wasn't. No, she was already planning her whooooole vacation full, on the day that I told her I was helding it on that specific date. I already told her I was helding a sleep over in that vacation, that was for sure, so I told the girls waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before that they had to keep a few days free. But, of course, she didn't. But, it was also fun without her. xD Maybe even more...
- Of course, in this list also belongs every little mean thing she said to us ( and ended with 'just joking' or something ).
- Sharing things with niki and moes, and not with me, like drinks, secrets, and other stuff. Maybe she does that because she is 'mad' at me. ¬¬

Pfff... That was a little story. xD Kinda relieving. (:

And now I want some tea again. Goebai! <3

maandag 8 november 2010

Uuuuugh, my belly hurts the whole day already. ):
I was counting the hours, and I would have gone home sick, if I hadn't that one hour chemistry. D:
I think I just have to stay home tomorrow, in my nice warm bed, and a hot cup of tea. (:

I'm really glad a friend of mine pulled her things together again (: I was actually really worried about her. ): I don't know what was wrong with her, but she just stopped everything that involved internet. xD I contacted her a few times, but heared nothing from her. Then I wrote her a nice letter, with a little present that meant a lot for me, and I was so glad she responded. (: She now got back on the internet thingy's, and we're going to write letters too, becuase it's soooo nicely old fashion! ;D Soo.. I'm really looking forward to her letters! (:
Sevvie, I luvv you. <3

I'm also having a bit of a fight with another friend of mine. Well, not actually a fight, but more, a little irritation between one another. ¬¬

But, now I'm not going to think about her anymore, I will write about her soon. xD

Nice cup of tea, good Twilight book, and my lovely lovely, filled with pillows and blankets bed. (:

Goodnight, world <3

vrijdag 5 november 2010

Like it, love it (:

I just totally looooooove this song:

Probably because I used to cover the original one with a few friends of mine, and this version may be even better! xD

Omg, I'm bad the only thing I do now, is posting music vids. xD But okay, for me, it's nice for in the future, so I can see what kind of music I used to listen (:

Yes please! ;D