maandag 28 november 2011

New York Post [2] 'Me and friends'

With Donna on the Brooklyn Bridge

With Jeff and Anouk in some random pizza place where we went with the whole group

On one of the billboards on Times Square (:

Cycling through the streets of New York & Central Park (:

With Amanda

Unexpected picture taken of me, I was pretty serious apparently? Haha xD

On the day of departure from NYC, waiting for the bus ( with all of our suitcases, oh so handy.. ),
that would take us to the airport, to the plane back home again!
I slept amazingly well on that flight! <3

One of my favorite pictures (: Hanging out on the Red Stairs of Times Square, like we did almost every night.
With Amanda, Floris & Joep (back) and Dennis, Jeff & me (front) c;

Lovely little photoshoot in Central park with my camera on some rocks in front of the lake (:
With Wieke, Rowie & Donna (back) and Rosa & me (front), picture taken by Laure

With Jeff on the Brooklyn Bridge

Early in the morning with the 'Coldplay'-group (:
With Stephanie in some bar where we went with the whole group
She was so tired, the pour thing <3

With Laure

With Anouk and Joep, in the back the East Side River with its bridge,
we took some kind of cool ride on a cable, to cross the river, oh so lovely <3

In some random pub with Rosa

One night we were released to eat anywhere we wanted to eat, so me and this group of guys went to this mexican restaurant. We didn't know why me and Rob got such buckets of coke, but we found out soon enough!
We ate huge burritos, and I was glad I took the Medium Spicy one, wich already was incredibly spicy,
because of the green peppers! The rest of the boys took Hot Spicy, filled with red peppers!
It was so funny xD Everybody drank from Rob's glass and mine, they almost spit fire! xD

Walking through New York

Amanda, Anouk and me on Times Square at night (:

I went to New York on a schooltrip! Yes, a SCHOOLTRIP, I mean, come on!
And I'm from Holland! What are the odds I would ever go to New York, the other side of the world,
for just €850,- or something!
And it was so mega super awesome, I just can't describe it (:
The trip was way to great for words, I mean the location was already amazing,
but I went with such a fantastic group, so that it was even better that great (:
We went with a relatively small group, compared to the other trip my school organized (those were with like 70 kids or something). We went with only 30 of us, I believe.
And there were so many funny moments, and we went to so many cool places..
Really, it was just to awesome to describe, and I really really really really want to go back, as soon as possible!
And we (the group and I) also going to organize some sort of 'reunion', and I'm already looking forward to that too (:
Ooh god, I want to go back so badly! I'm some kind of homesick I guess, haha x]

Well, I hope you enjoyed the pictures I took (:

Goodnight, have a good day/week/month/year/decade/life <3

xx Roos Nessa ♠

New York Post [1] 'Surroundings'

I went to NYC! ;D
In the next post I'll describe my journey (:

xx Roos Nessa <3