dinsdag 12 april 2011

Amazing times [ Episode two: Us ]

Last weekend, I spend the whole weekend at Moes'! And it was fun fun fun (:
Some people think us as sisters, you see our similarities? I invited her last year to go with me on a vacation to Zeeland, we had so much fun! I went with my parents, little sister, Marloes and my dog. And people knew there were 2 sisters among us, the three girls, and they always thought me and Moes were sisters x] We kinda do look like eachother, don't we? :} I don't know what I would do without her (:
Of course, I don't know what to do without my other (best) friends too! Like Kim and Niki.
It's such a safe and nice feeling knowing there are always friends like them to trust and to build on. And of course, they can expect that from me too! I really really love 'em <3

Well, goodnight, and thanks for taking the time looking at my pictures, I really appreciate it! (:

Bye bye <3

Amazing times [ Episode one: Surroundings ]

Find the butterfly! ;D
Smousje <3 (My friend Marloes' dog)

Isn't this one just like a painting? How odd... x]

Marloes, her dog and me went to the forest last saturday! And when we were there I made these pictures of the 'surroundings', in my next post there will be pictures of 'us'.
I spend my whole weekend there (literally my whole weekend; from friday afternoon till sunday evening xD), and it was lovely! ;D I love her! Want to do that again soon (:

Bye bye <3