zondag 26 september 2010

Bello && Brandy. (:

Bello on the left, and Brandy on the right. :} And now I'm gonna tell the stories of their lives. :}

Brandy is already 12 years old, born on the 10th of march. Nicknames: Brennie, Bennie, chi-chi-woefer,
knuppel (means bat in english, but it has a somewhat different meaning in dutch. xD), stommie (silly), etc. etc. xD He's very stupid in his head,always have been. xD And you can do everything with him, he wouldn't give a damn. xD
He's so sweet... Once, my mom and little sister thought there was a tick on his belly.
I said, no there isn't, no there isn't. But they were convinced. Alright then. So they were trying to take it of with the pincet, and he was looking at me like; 'Help me? Help me please?'
And they were like, 'it won't come off... Hey! It's bleeding!'
So I took a look, and they were all this time trying to twist of his nipple! D:
And Brandy hadn't do anything. xD Just sitting there, thinking; 'Aaw, aaw, why are they doing this to meee?!' I felt so bad for him. D:
My mother never liked him. She also didn't like his name. But hey, that wasn't our choice. 
See, he was born, went to 4 different families, they all couldn't take care of him anymore,
and then he went to an old man, who teached him very bad manners, like opening doors and steeling
food, and beg, and stuff. And then that man died, and he went to the couple who had bought one of Brandy's sisters, and stayed there for a few months. And then we've got him. (: And the saddest thing is, it all happened even before he turned 3. D: And he's so sweeeeet! D:
Now he's living happily with us. ;D


Bello has just turned 1! ;D On the 9th of september. Funny, hmm? He was born on 09-09-'09. :} Nicknames: Belly, bellybelloow, Pelly, pellypolarpear, bellyboo, pellypoo, etc, etc. :} He's like, the funniest dog on this planet. ;D He's so playfull, and fun. Not a hero though, fast scared of something. xD We went to look at him a few times before we had him, and especially then, because he was so small and cuddly! ;D And now he's a rebel! :} But still very very very very very very cute. (:

Goebai! <3

zaterdag 25 september 2010

Dog-dreams (:

Ooh em gee, I want this dog later soooo badly! xD
I mean like... JESUS! :}

The Mastiff... Aren't they just gigantic? xD
I would like to have a few dogs when I'm older. I even have a few specifics. (:
Of course the dogs I own already; The Drentsche Patrijs!

I mean, the Drentsche Patrijs dogs are just so cute! ;D And very obedient! And sweet,
and very friendly towards other dogs. (:
These two are the ones we own now;
Bello (left) & Brandy (right). ;D
(one of the dogs above -the wet one- is funny enough the father of Bello. :})

These dog look like fun too... The Czechoslovakian-wolfdog. (: Probably because they
are such look-a-likes from wolves. And I luvv wolves. ;D But they seem very elegant. And
the things I read about them are also very positive. They're not like their 'family-wolfdog'
The Saarloos-wolfdog. Because family of mine own one of them, and that dog is soo shy,
that it isn't really fun anymore. He growls to the persons he don't know, he even growls if he
already knows you, but don't trust you. And that's apparently very scary. xD
So the Czechoslovakian-wolfdog shouldn't be like that, I hope. :}

Dogs I also like a lot, are husky's! ;D I mean, those dogs are just so... Wauw!
And they're sweet and loyal too. So they can't be bad, right? xD I mean, if man-kind used
them as their travel-companions... xD And those dogs are also very similar to wolves. (:

And then, at last, the dog I also adore, the Berner Senne. (: They look just so cuddly! And
bearish! And they also have the sweetest personality! ;D

Midnight Sunshine [2]

I had the weirdest dream this night... xD I can't remember more than half of it anymore, and the things that I remember are blurry. But one thing keeps on creeping in my mind. It was like this;
I lived in this GIGANTIC house, with my parents, but they had relationship problems, so my mom only lived upstairs, and my dad downstairs. It was really hysterical and stuff, and I can't remember that part anymore. I believe they weren't my real parents either. xD But at one point my 'real' mom died, out of no where. So I was, of course, devistated. And then the part begins that keeps crawling in my mind. xD The part where the boy that I've been dating a few times, and the boy that I really liked, but I also the boy where I saw no future with. Let's call him... Jared. :} So... Jared showed up on my door, and I let him in. We do our kind of sitting ( so close we're almost on eachothers lap. xD ). My head is on his chest, and he's comforting me, because I'm the saddest person on earth, of course. And then he kisses me softly on the top of my head, and even though I was sleeping, I felt the warming rush running through my veins, and my heart that's pounding like crazy. (: And although I acted like a person with a mental dissease when I saw my mother everywhere, and also saw my dad as her, he even stayed with me, and kept on being the sweetest person on earth...

So this confuses me. Allot. Because when I dream about persons, it's excactly in the true way that they are. Even if I don't know that person to well. It's kinda weird, but if I dream that I'll have a fight with my bff, the next day ( or in anyway soon after the dream ) it happens. D: So that means that I still have strong feelings for... Jared. xD Even though i thought I was over him. Because, I mean, we dated a few times before summervacation. And that was truely awesome. (: But then, I almost hear nothing from him in the vacation itself. oO And then in the end of the vaca, my birthday, he invitates me to a movie, he'll pay everything, and I said; 'What a gentleman! But that's not neccesary! Why would you do that? xD'
And then he said; 'Because you're a very special person...' That made my heart explode. ;D
But... Idunno. The thing with him is; allot of attention, then the next day no attention at all, then again allot of attention, and then again nothing at all. Very confusing. And kinda ignoring. D:
So... Yeah... I hope things'll work out between us. xD I'm going back to school on monday I think, for a full day at least, and then I'll probably see him, I guess. (:

Waaaah, what a confusingly confusingly life. xD

donderdag 23 september 2010

My head still hurts. D:
I think Imma go to bed, with a nice cup of tea, a good book, and a good movie, in case the book's boring me. :}

Waaaaaaaaaaaah... Pour me. D:

woensdag 22 september 2010

The things I want; #26

Be royal. :}

I'll never get him...

But you're so hypnotizing

You've got me laughing while I sing
You've got me smiling in my sleep
And I can see this unraveling
And your love is where I'm falling
So please don't catch me

dinsdag 21 september 2010

I realy do! D: But I wouldn't do it on a really visible place, or something... No, I would place it on my foot, and then on the bottom, so it won't be visible when I'm wearing flipflops, or when I'm barefoot. :} At least... If that's possible. xD

The things I want; #25

Get inked... I don't wanna die naked! D:

zondag 19 september 2010

The things I want; #24

Be able to travel around space. Ooh, and time traveling would be fun too, i guess. (:

The things I want; #23

Have the most sweet boyfriend ever. (:

The things I want; #22

Have magical powers! >;D

The things I want; #21

Being able of making summers forever lasting. (:

The things I want; #20

Ride on my bike with lightspeed, so I'll never be late on school anymore. (:

The things I want; #19

Be able to remember every moment and old memorie for all time. (:

The things I want; #18

Never have the feeling of being alone. (:

The things I want; #17

Be with my head in the clouds all the time. (: 

The things I want; #16

Come on the weirdest places, with the nicest people, and not being afraid of anything. (: 

The things I want; #15

Have good opinions like this, on every bad situation (and good situations too. xD), and that they'll work. (:

The things I want; #14

The people won't stick their noses in my private stuff, that they'll leave me alone a bit. (:

The things I want; #13

Become friends with the weirdest persons. (:

The things I want; #12

Be able to read days consecutively, every minute, every second, the best books, without being disturbed. (:

The things I want; #11

Have the perfect curls, in the perfect hair. (:

The things I want; #10

Live in a cottage like this. (:

I really really really really want to! D:

The things I want; #9

Be able to fly. (:

The things I want; #8

Own every knowledge about everything in this world. (:

The things I want; #7

Go back to Italy, right now! (: