maandag 24 januari 2011

Woohoooo... (:

I just finished a trilogy of amazing books... Really, they were so realistic, and so wonderfull written. They're called The Hunger Games. Go read them. Yeah, really, read 'em! They are sooooo, just, wauw!
I was waiting for the night my dreams were going to be about those books, and it finally happened. (: ‘Cause that happens a lot when I really like for instance a book, or a song, or a boy or whatever x]
So I dreamed that I was singing in my backyard (and I remember that the dream was further very complicated, but I can’t quite remember the full dream, actually only this scene D:). So I was singing the song of Kelly Clarkson; Since you’ve been gone. And suddenly a black bird, called the Mockingjay, of course, starts singing it back. And it was so sunny, and pretty in the dream. And the Mockingjay sung so beautiful… And then there appeared even more mockingjays and they all sung with the first.
It really was amazing (: I had a fever that night too, actually this whole week. And that always gives me the weirdest and most realistic dreams too. :}
And this time, I sure did like it! ;D

It even inspired me to go on with my own story.
Lately I had a few good ideas, put I never was in the mood to put them on paper. ( Yeah, I write my story on paper, fuck technology! x] ) And now, I finally did. And my friends love the new parts and plots! ;D I really would like to find a publisher and get it produced.
The 15th of march I’m already working on it for a year! That’s what I call quite some time! Haha xD I love to brainstorm and write it down. Especially in the summer, when I just take my notebook/writing into the garden, and let my pen run free on the papers. Or when I’m on vacation, and I’m having a lazy moment, but still want to do something. Perfect times and perfect places (:

I’m gonna go, I have no homework for tomorrow (I do have quite some work for later this week and next week, but I’m lazy, and I’m probably gonna do that last minute. That’s when I’m in my element, haha! xD), so for now, I’m going to lay back and watch tv, and tonight hopefully put myself on some writing again.

Goebai! <3

Me on the beach last summer. See, you can take decent pictures with a crappy phonecamera!
Hahaha! x]

When it snowed, a couple of weeks ago. From the little window in a classroom from school.

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  1. Super erg bedankt voor je lieve reactie!
    Ik zou later indd graag bij een tijdschrift gaan werken of een eigen tijdschrift beginnen ;$
    En ik ben erg benieuwd naar jou boek als die misschien uitkomt(:
    Ga zo door met schrijven want het is er leuk om te lezen!

  2. cool! i also love those realistic dreams:) i had a fever like a week ago and had a dream i was trapped inside of an orange, and it looked like gallery, pictures everywhere inside the huuuge orange :D it was very nice somehow!
    i like your blog, follow you! follow me back? ;)

  3. leuke foto's.
    &&&ik vlog jou vlog jij mij dan ook?