woensdag 24 november 2010

Teehee! ;D - I see London and Madrid! ;D Wel, not Madrid, but Sevilla and Volterra, but whatever. xD

Ooh, and did I already mention, this christmas, I'm going to be in Sevilla! ;D In spain, hmmmm, nice warm and hot an warm and nice, and full of shopping-places! ;D
And! This spring-vacation... I'm going to be in LONDON! ;DDDDDDDDDD
I mean, Sevilla, jeej, jippie, super, but Londen! ;D Yeah! (:
Finally. :}
And just because my sister said; 'I want to go to London! ;D'
I mean, I'm already asking to go to America for ages, and my sisters says once 'I would like to go there' and wer're going there. xD
But, at my request, we're going to Volterra this summervacaa (:
I really need some Italy again <33
And Toscane is probably my favorite part of it (:

Goebai! ;D

Alright, this is Venice. xD But, I even like Venice more then Volterra. And I already adore Volterra. :}

London ;D

Sevilla ;D

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