dinsdag 23 november 2010

Desperate Housewife-life # 2

You know, Denise, my 'friend'? Well, we're finding some trouble again. :}
At first, a chat from a few days ago:
There is this chat-thingy, msn, where you can put sentences in your names and stuff, so in hers stood: 'Brown girls are pretty, red girls are smart, but only a blond girl, can steal a boys heart'

So I said; So I can't steal a boys heart? xD
She: yes you can't n_n
Me: Joker
She: n_n
She: cakeje :W
Me: wtf?
She: [a]
She: You really don't have a short-term memory anymore, dude -)
Me: that little beam that hit my head?!
But, she reffered to the little cupcake I made on the birth-day party of Niki, I put 'Joker' ( but hen in dutch: 'grapjas') on there too. xD
But that comment 'yes you can't' alone! Good! o___O

And now there's also something happening. :}
But, maybe I'll post that tomorrow. xD
'Cause I think allot will happen next... Perhaps. >.<

Goebai <3

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