woensdag 11 mei 2011

Weekend away (:

In the full stashed car. xD Really, I had nowhere to move to, door + pillow on my left side,
pillow with allot of crap on the other seat on my right side, and a dog taking all the space
in my feet area x] He actually tried to climb on my leg all the time, but at one point it was
it was getting to crazy xD He's crazy :} 

Three weekends ago (easter weekend) I went on a small trip with my mother, sister and dog.
Not to far away, to Zeeland (Sealand?) that is on the far south-east of the Netherlands. Anyway, it's near
the beach, and I've been coming there ever since I was little. And I adore it there (: We found a camping
owned by really nice people, with horses all over the place, next to a beatufil forest (with the lake in it),
near the cutest town you'll ever see, and 2 minutes away from the beach (but we had to go with Bello
to a special dog-beach, and in my opinion it was even lovelier on that beach than the regular xD

I also went to Italy last weekend, I'll probably post some pictures of that too, when I have time. School
is really killing right now. Actually, at this moment, I'm supossed to study biology (big test tomorrow),
but the last time I posted a post was already such a long time ago x]

And this is a animation, that I love (yes, love, and I don't use that word very easily), watch it (in HQ), and be amazed;

Goodbye, hope you'll have a lovely day (:

9 opmerkingen:

  1. wauw wauw wauw <33333
    wat een mooie foto's!
    ogosh ik mis je zoooo D:
    volgend weekend potc <3
    - geert vroeg btw of ie mee mag xD -
    ik zie je maandag weer!

    lovelove <3

  2. beautiful pictures. Love the relax you can feel trough all of them! I'm following!

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!!! :)




  3. Dankjewel!
    Ik vind het super leuk als mensen het ook leuk vinden.
    Xx Liefs

  4. Wil je je familie eens voorstellen ?

  5. looks like a great mini getaway!

  6. wow the photos are absolutely stunning!

  7. Wat een mooie foto's ! ik vind het zoooooooooooooooooo gaaf om alles zo te zien (: ik ben verslaafd aan dat liedje trouwens hahhaxd ik heb trouwens ook weer een nieuwe post :D ik zie deze post nu pas want ik heb mijn examens weet je wel :P

  8. ehyyyy! sorry If I haven't commented anything in ages! :( it really seems you had a great time away! as usual, those pics look amazing! you're a natural talent :):)
    where did you go in Italy?? Did you enjoy your journey? hope so!