zondag 1 augustus 2010

Midnight Sunshine [1]

I didn't do any Midnight sunshines before,, so maybe now's the right time? ;D
I had this weird dream a few weeks ago. But it was so remarkeble,, that I can remember every single detail of it. :}

It was a schoolday,, but I wasn't my normal High School I went to. No this was excactly the school as in Aaron Stone... xD I dreamt about him to,, btw. At first in the dream,, I hadn't a real role in it,, 'Charley' did,, you know,, the guy from Aaron Stone. :} And there was this spray-thingy with purple stuff in it,, that was very important. If you sprayed,, you'd go back in time,, wich time you wanted,, whenever you wanted. But,, there was a spray-limit. You could only spray 15 times,, and then the sprayer would be empty. So they had to get that thingy to their head-quarter or something,, and quick,, before it ended in the hands of someone badly. So they went to that huge fly-thingy,, and flew away. But of course,, first Charley sprayed,, went back in time,, and they had to go pick him up at school again. xD
That was the first part of the dream,, the part that has no sence actually,, but okay. :}
They flew above a desert at some point,, and that is where I come in,, and the people from Aaron Stone aren't in it anymore. :}
They flew above the desert,, and Charley looked out of the window,, and saw a car driving. My car.
I was sitting in the car,, with my mother,, she was driving,, and I saw a huge airplane comming by with the speed of light. Wondered what that would've been,, and stared out of the window again. We were driving in a forsaken desert,, and it was huge. And by huge,, I mean really really huge. In the distance you could see that the desert was surrounded by enormous trees,, but that was really far away,, and you would only see it,, if you'd squeezed your eyes. And,, it wasn't really a desert,, with sandhills and dunes and stuff,, but it had a flat ground,, like in those western-movies. x] With flying vultures and stuff. There really were vultures flying above us as we drove,, actually. And here and then there also were abandoned little crottages and stuff,, really like in a forsaken western-town. x] We even drove one time pass a cow's skull!
But,, after driving a while,, we were suddenly very close by the end of the desert. And there was this path to... Well we didn't know yet. But there was a path,, leaded on both sides with trees of course. We drove through it,, and then we came at the most magical place I've ever seen in my whole life... This place was also surrounded by trees,, but it was much much smaller. I think this place only had the size of 3 or 4 soccerfields. As I alreay told,, this place also was surrounded by trees,, and had somewhat of a more squared shape,, with round edges. A squared-round shape. x] At three sides there were only trees,, really beautiful trees tho,, but only trees,, and of course the path in one corner. But the last side,, the oppossite side from where we came from,, was so beautiful,, it made me wanna cry. There was this small lake in front of the reddish-coloured cliff,, and the water came from the waterfall on the cliff,, and as weird as it sounds,, from the few trees that were standing there. Those trees were willows,, and the water flowed from the tops of the willows,, in a peacefull waterfall down. And it wasn't like a wild and rough waterfall as you normally see,, but the water was flowing down,, so peacefully,, and calm,, that it looked like the trees and cliff had somekind of shiny second-skin. And it didn't stop! The whole cliff,, and all the trees on that side were covered with calm flowing water. And the lake beneath it was also so calm and beautiful,, it made you want to cry... As I said before. x] On the edge of the lake were also standing some trees,, and both sides of the lake that crossed the tree-edges sides,, were a bit dark... But that didn't make the picture even a bit less magical.
But then,, when the shock of the beauty of this place dropped down a bit,, you could sense that this place was no good. We felt immediately uncomfortable. At least... I did. I didn't know about my mom,, but whatever. We were drivin a cirkel on the 'field',, but when we entered the place you almost immediately saw like... Inflatable animals... Hanging on sticks... With signes on it with: 'Go away' and 'Go furder and you'll regret it' and stuff like that... It was so scary. Those signes were also painted on beachtowels and there were also lying a little blue bucket,, with a red little shovel next to it. So there were people here before us... But they weren't anymore... Only their beach-stuff.
With every sign,, I felt more uncomfortable,, and became more terrified,, but my mum wouldn't drive any faster! I think we drove like 5 km/h or something!
We just passed the lake,, and were heading back to the path to get out of here when my mum was even driving slower,, and eventually stopped! So I got a bit hysterical,, and yelled to my mother when here hand was heading for the heck of the door: "What are you doing?! Can't you see we have to get outta here?! Otherwise were going to die!" And I locked the doors quickly.
"What? I was only about to take a quick look,, dear,, don't be so ridiculous. Can't you see how beautiful this all is?" She answered. But I didn't unlock the doors. Then I think she saw the signes too,, and her face became also terrified. She started the car again. And drove,, not very faster then before,, to the path again. I looked out of the window,, and saw only the field,, looked to my mum,, how she was doing,, and looked back out of the window. Out of nowhere,, there was suddenly a boy,, wandering over the field,, with hanging shoulders,, looking exhausted. He had black hair,, and a pale skin. Not just pale,, but almost white. He was wearing army printed pants,, and I think a black shirt or something. He was very boyish,, and I think the same age as me,, maybe a bit older...
I screamed,, and my mum saw what I saw. I wondered immediately if we should stop to save this boy,, or drive away as fast as we could. My common sense almost yelled at me: "GET AWAY! GET AWAY!" But there was something about this boy that wanted to led me to him,, that attracted me,, and I was dieing to get closer to him.
And that was when I waked up. D:

I realized a few days later ( yes,, I was thinking about that dream fot days,, and couldn't get it out of my head. ),, that I probably dreamt about a vampire-boy. Mostly because I just finished the book: 'The short second life of Bree Tanner' ,, you know,, that Eclipse-novelle from the Twilight-sage. The pale-looking boy probably was a vampire... Although he didn't shine in the sun. And it was sunny there. x]
Well... This was my first Midnight Sunshine,, I'm still not sure if this was a beautiful dream,, or a nightmare. x] And I'm still thinking about that boy at least 2 times a day. So I hope this dream will continue soon. ;D

Write your dreams down! It's fun to read about them later. (:
Goebai! <3

Something like this,, but then even calmer:

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