donderdag 29 juli 2010

Explanation... :3

Well,, apparently you're about to read my blog. So I thought,, a little manual might come handy,, doesn't it?
And,, if I'm being totally honest I'm doing this also a little for myself,, 'cause this may be erased out of my memories in less then a day. :3 I'm not that good with remembering stuff. xD
So,, that may be the reason that I'm starting this blog too. Not because I want to whole world to read everything I think,, and everything I write and say,, but because I don't want to forget the things I've done in this life. If I'm somewhat older,, like,, 40 years or something... It may be fun to read all this back. If internet still excist... xD 'Cause everytime I start a new diary,, or book,, or story,, or poem-saving-thingy,, and everytime I can't finish it! Except that notebook where I left all my dreams in. But even thát I'm not doing anymore! D: So yeah... And there's this awesom girl; Sevelle,, a,, well I can say close friend already. (: And she's doing this stuff too,, so I thought,, maybe it's time for me to open a blog to! ;D And I was thinking about making a blog for a little while now,, and when I was on my bicycle,, or other random times,, thinking of what kind of blog I would post on that specific moment and stuff. Soo,, now I am finally starting! ;D
And now,, finally,, the manual:
- "Midnight sunshine" ~ those will be my blogs about dreams! ;D ( Or nightmares... D: )
- "Blogga Blagga" ~ those will be my blogs about random stuff. Like,, things that happened to me. :}
- "Creative explosion" ~ Those will be poems,, and lyrics,, or other things wrote or made by me. ;D
- "Love story" ~ Those will be blogs about my love-issues and stuff. xD
- " .... " ~ Those will be blogs with different titles everytime. Those will be just blogs with nice picture's,, weird shoutouts,, and nice lyrics and poems from others! ;D

Maybe I'll add some more. Well,, maybe I won't stick to them in the first place,, but,, who care's?! ;D We'll see! ;D

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