maandag 8 november 2010

Uuuuugh, my belly hurts the whole day already. ):
I was counting the hours, and I would have gone home sick, if I hadn't that one hour chemistry. D:
I think I just have to stay home tomorrow, in my nice warm bed, and a hot cup of tea. (:

I'm really glad a friend of mine pulled her things together again (: I was actually really worried about her. ): I don't know what was wrong with her, but she just stopped everything that involved internet. xD I contacted her a few times, but heared nothing from her. Then I wrote her a nice letter, with a little present that meant a lot for me, and I was so glad she responded. (: She now got back on the internet thingy's, and we're going to write letters too, becuase it's soooo nicely old fashion! ;D Soo.. I'm really looking forward to her letters! (:
Sevvie, I luvv you. <3

I'm also having a bit of a fight with another friend of mine. Well, not actually a fight, but more, a little irritation between one another. ¬¬

But, now I'm not going to think about her anymore, I will write about her soon. xD

Nice cup of tea, good Twilight book, and my lovely lovely, filled with pillows and blankets bed. (:

Goodnight, world <3

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