dinsdag 9 november 2010

Home alone part 34723498 or so? & A desperate housewife life :}

Yep, I´ve stayed home today. xD
And my belly-ache is killing meeeee. D:

But, now about that friend of mine, that I have some kind of trouble with... For a while now, me, 2 other girls and her are the most best friends. (: Me, Niki, Marloes and Denise.
We used to do almost everything together, but after a while, Denise was kinda irritating me. Not often, but just a few times. Untill it became more and more. And I didn't share those feelings with the other two girls, because I didn't know if they were thinking/feeling the same.
She was just living in her own world so much, that it seemed like she didn't care about her friends anymore. The annoying part here is, because of my concussion and loss of allot of my memories, I can't remember much irritating things. So at one point, I was mad at her, but I couldn't remember why again, so it kinda went better. Untill she started living in her own world again, and said one mean thing after another. She may didn't mean most of the things she said, and said like; 'just joking! ;D' after allot, but still, there are things you just don't say.
I came back from my holiday, in wich Marloes stayed over there half time ( what was super! ;D ), and I had soooo much fun stories, and things I just had to tell. So we hung out together, and guess who was the only one talking? Yes, Denise. She couldn't stop yapping about her 'crush'. I mean, of course, it's cute, she had her first crush, but she was talking about him, and almost nothing else, for almost a half year now! At first, I even said to Niki & Moes when they were complaining about the fact she couldn't talk about anything else but Danny, I said: 'Come on guys, give her a break, it's her first crush. I'm glad she finally is in love! It will soon be over (: '
Yeah, somewhat of a underestimation?
So, when wenhung out together, and I even stayed over, I also gave her a present that I bought on my holiday, that meant a lot for me. A little jewel, from the aquamarine stone, for on a necklace. I also bought three other kinds of stones, for the other three of us. And there's a whole story behind that one little thing. So I expacted her to make a big deal out of it, just like Niki & Moes when they'd got it. But she didn't. Well, she was happy with it of course, and for a few minutes she was like; 'Oooh, wauw! Thank you!' But not 10 minutes later, she was talking about Danny again. And Babs. Yeah... That's another good friend of hers. But she is a bit strange... She tried to break the bond between Denise and Niki, and that almost worked, untill Denise noticed it when she also tried to do that between Denise and Moes. Babs kinda likes me, though. xD
And, then, Denise said that she wasn't going to be that close with Babs anymore, because it was all going wrong. And Denise did it aaaaaaaaall wrong again, and she hurted her friends and her family agaaaaain, and she was soooooo sad about it.
Of course, we're the actual victims, but she plays it, uhuh, uhuh, logic.
But, not a week after she said that, she got back to Babs almost running! oO So, that kind of irritated me and Niki. The day we spoke about that, I didn't want to keep my feelings for myself anymore, so I admitted to Niki how I felt about Denise. And she was totally on my team! She had felt the same for also a long time already! But I thought that I was the only one who was feeling that way, and she thought the same, so we didn't say it to eachother. So, that afternoon, we spent the whole time complaining about Denise. xD And how we were so bad by gossiping behind her back about her, and we just had to tell her, because otherwise, maybe our group was going to grow apart... So that day when I drove home with Moes, I told her about it too, and she was also feeling that way, but also didn't had the guts to tell us. xD
So, we had to tell Denise, about the things that she did wrong, because, if I did something that was annoying them, I would like to hear it, so I could stop.
The next we told her, but not all together, because that could be to overwhelming for her, so only Niki was going to talk with her. So when they came standing with us again, she was not looking any of us in the eyes, and stood there for only one minute, then saw that Babs-child, and run away to her.
And then she did even more things that made me/us just blind mad. So there was always this tension in the air, that we all felt, when she was with us. And now, I just heard yesterday from Niki that, when they went to the city, last friday, Denise said that she was kinda mad at me! I mean, COME ON?! Apparently she was mad at me because, apparently I acted the same we that we accused her of day on her party. o____O And that I was the bad guy in this whole story, because at msn, on the day that we told her what was wrong, I all explained it to her ( in my eyes, to avoid growing apart, and her to feel that bad, and to tell her that we were actually kinda hurt by her, but that we love her, and we have except eachother, but in that way, it isn't fun anymore. But that we still absolutely love her, and that nothing's going to change between us, except for the fact that we were hoping that she could act normal again. Those are almost the excact words I used! ), but in her eyes it felt like I was attacking her or something, and that I was trying to rip her apart from our group. I mean, what the.. ?!
And she also acused me of some other stuff, but I can't remember excactly what anymore. So, first Niki looked at her like shec was crazy, and then said; 'Excuse me? Just because Rose was the one to tell what excactly was wrong, doesn't make her the bad guy! What are you thinking? We were hurt by you, and now you are mad at some of us?' Niki told me that after that the day shopping wasn't fun anymore.
So when I heard about that, I was even more upset with Denise. And I was going to test it, by asking her about a fun memory of a us, from a long time ago, when we were 8 or somekind. So I giggled, and asked if she rememberd that, and she only looked bored at me, and said; 'Aah.'
And that was the line crossing move for me.
If she wants to be that close like we used to, she has to do something real special, because I'm not about to forgive her this soon.

A few other things she did, but I didn't mixed in the story above. xD Here they are:
- Not being able to listen, when she wasn't right about something at all, and just kept on being mean about a friend of mine, a girl who even used to be one of her best friends, for crying out loud.
- Flirting with every guy in this whole universe, when she almost has something with that Danny-guy.
- She flirted with the guy that Niki liked a LOT, in front of her. The actual plan was that she and Denise were going to talk with that dude, to make a good impression of Niki to him. But she was afraid to talk with him alone, and Denise knew him a little, so they went together. They agreed to the fact that Niki was going to talk most, and if there was a blanc in the conversation, Denise would fill it up. And the plan also was that all the positive things about Niki would be lightened up. xD So, they went to him, and, of course, guess what. The only thing Niki could do was sitting there and say nothing. There wasn't even a blanc for her to fill. Denise was yapping and yapping, and flirting, and there wasn't a single positive thing she said about Niki, no, there were even bad things she said about her! Seriously? Yeah, seriously...
- On her birthday party, there was this guy that I found attractive, so after the party was over, I told her that, and asked if she couldn't ask him what he thought about me, BUT, subtle please. She told me on msn, that she sent him a text message with in it; bla bla bla, my party was fun, wasn't it? And ooh yeah, Rose likes you, and she wanted to ask me what you think about her.
How about subtle ¬¬  So was a bit irritated by her again, so I only gave her short awnsers from then on, and then went to sleep real early. But, that wasn't even the worst. The next day I came to school, a friend of me and Denise, Anouk, asked me about the fight that was between us. I already told her a few that before that there wasn't a fight, but just a little 'relationship problems', and that it was going to be over soon. And then she said; 'Noo, not that fight, that other fight, if you know what I mean?'
'What other fight?' I asked, wondering why she even knew about our first 'fight', apparently she has to talk about it with everyone in this world, except for making it up with us.
'You know... About that boy, the one you fancied...?'
And I could only look at her completely surprided. That she had told other persons about the fact that I liked a boy! I mean, that was supposed a secret?! So I was furious, and went to her ( but first told Niki about it of course ), and said, quietly, in a monotone voice, by her ear; 'I'm really surprised about the fact that you are so trustable. I mean, telling people about me, liking a boy, a real classic example of trustability.' I was talking louder at the end of the sentence, so Niki could hear what we were talking about too.
Denise responded with; 'Yeah, come on, it was kinda funny don't you think? I mean, you only knew that boy for, I don't know, two hours? And you were already falling in love with him.'
First me and Niki stared thunderstruck at her, and then at eachother. Then I threw back at her; 'One, it wasn't only two hours, it was a whole evening, but that doesn't even matter, because, two, I didn't fall love with him? What do you think?! I only liked him, and the way he looked, COME ON!'
And Niki filled my sentence; 'You like every boy that you see! If it wasn't for that Danny, you would jump on every boy that comes by!'
Denise just shrugged, and then the schoolbell rang, so she just walked away, heading for Babs. She was actually saved by the bell, because if she had just one other 'smart' awnser, I'm a 98% positive I would have slapped her in the face. Just because I would break beneath, every pent-up feeling, every hold back of every real mean word I would have liked to say her, and every little stupid irritation.
- Ahum... She also liked to walk away, without saying anything, almost everytime we were together. Or, just grabbed her stuff when we were sitting together, and went sitting with someone else. How polite.
- I also celebrated my birthday with my friends really late, because of my concussion, on my birthday... ¬¬ So, I had everything ready, and super cheerful, and held it especially in the autumnvacation, because everyone was free then, but of course... Denise wasn't. No, she was already planning her whooooole vacation full, on the day that I told her I was helding it on that specific date. I already told her I was helding a sleep over in that vacation, that was for sure, so I told the girls waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before that they had to keep a few days free. But, of course, she didn't. But, it was also fun without her. xD Maybe even more...
- Of course, in this list also belongs every little mean thing she said to us ( and ended with 'just joking' or something ).
- Sharing things with niki and moes, and not with me, like drinks, secrets, and other stuff. Maybe she does that because she is 'mad' at me. ¬¬

Pfff... That was a little story. xD Kinda relieving. (:

And now I want some tea again. Goebai! <3

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