dinsdag 30 november 2010

Pete: Berg, you can't sleep in my bed, people talk enough as it is. Go sleep on the couch.
Berg: I can't sleep on the couch. Last week I spilled milk on it and for some reason it smells bad.
Pete: So go sleep on the floor!
Berg: I can't sleep on the floor.
Pete: Why not?
Berg: For some reason there's a trail of ants leading to the couch.

And it keeps on being so friggin funny! ;D
Blugh, it snows here. Why God, whyyyyyy?! I mean, it's fun, for the first 2 hours, and inside it's cozy (:
But last year, it kept on snowing all - the - time.
At some point, it ain't funny anymore. :}
Tomorow back to school. ): With the wind blasting at a temperature of -13 till -17 degrees. (:
Lovely. (: It won't be surprising if there were penguins hopping around, folowed by husky's and polarbears. xD

Now I'm going to my nice, warm bed, and going to enjoy it as long as I can D:

Goetnait everybody. <3

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