woensdag 24 november 2010

Midnight Sunshine [3]

Tonight... Yeah, I had this dream again. xD
And it was about... Well, it was about Justin Bieber. :}

At first in the dream, everybody was mad at me, I don't remember about what, but okay. xD
Then, I went to this birthday from a friend of my mother, and I saw a picture at hyves (dutch facebook)? From a friend of mine (girl) hugging with another friend (boy) of mine. So the next thing what happened that I was hugging with him. And it felt so sweet and nice (:
But then he turned into another friend of mine (another girl), and we both looked at a picture of her, a classmate of hers (boy) and the daughter of the friend of my mother sitting under a... Well, let's say a pier, I guess?
And then I was on that birthday party again. From the pier, I dove into the water ( the garden where the party was held, layed next to a lake, that's why. xD ), and I discoverd a lot of friends of mine where there, who were already in the water (:
There I discovered that everybody had special powers... ? (Don't ask me about it. xD I can barely remember that part. :} )
We had to get out of the water, so I crawled back on the pier little pier that was floating in front of the real, standing on beams pier. That where I fell.
I fell back in the water, and for some reason, I couldn't swim anymore? So I nearly drowned, and people jumped after me, to save me. So, I was on the little pier again, spitting all the water out in my lungs. When I noticed somebody else was drowning too, and there were also people rescueing him.
When they came to the surface, I saw that the 'drowningperson' was Justin Bieber. xD
So when I said 'hi' , and he smiled and 'hi'ed back at me, he tried to climb on the mainpier. That's when a friend of mine started fiering questions at him. xD So much that he just stayed in the water. The place where he was going to sit was coincidentally the place where I stretched my leg, so he was like; 'Ooh, oops! I'm sorry!' but I said; 'No, don't be, you can sit on it. xD I'm not that breakable. :}'
So he smiled, and sat. (:
My friend continued her questiones; 'What song do you sing the most?'
He: 'Baby, of course.'
Me: 'Baby?'
He, somewhat quieter; 'Yeah... Baby...'
Me: 'Of course, 'cause that's the most popular, right?'
He: 'Yep (:'
My friend: 'Which from your own songs do you like the most?'
He: 'Well... I don't know, I like a lot of them xD I like that new song of me.. Play or something? '
Me: 'You mean Pray? Ooh, I totally love that song (: But my most favorite song of you, would probably be... That should be me (:'
He: 'Yeah! That's one of my favorites too!'
Me: 'And Up. (:'
He: 'Totally!'
So we both laughed. xD
That night he would preform at a concert, and me and a few friends already had tickets, but I asked: 'Say, Justin, your concert tonight...'
He: 'My concert tonight... (:'
Me: 'Well, I was wondering, are there any VIP-passes? And is there a chance you could get some for us? You know, so we could hang out or something after the show? (:'
He: 'Yeah, right, of course I could do that.'
So the next thing I know, we were all sitting in this room, all chatting and having fun. ;D
Then my friend said; 'Justin, could we take a picture together? That would be nice! (:'
Me: 'Yeah, Justin, I would like that too ;D'
So he said; 'Of course, does somebody have a camera?'
She: 'I do!'
So first she was taking a picture with him, and then it was my turn.
He: 'Do you want to sit on my lap?'
Me: 'Excuse me?'
He: 'Yeah, I sat on you leg, so now you can sit on mine, right? xD'
Me: 'Alrighty then. :}'
So we took a picture togeter, me sitting on his lap... xD

Yeah... I have pretty weird dreams. :}

Omg, I'm already working on this post for over 4 hours. xDD Damn you tv! Stop being that interesting, haha! xD

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