woensdag 15 september 2010

What a wonderfull,, wonderfull life. -,-'

Alright,, you haven't crossed your fingers enough,, apparently! I came home with a concussion! D:
Here's what happened;

Well,, I've got this huge beam slammed on my head,, and now I'm really really dieng. D: 'Cause it was like this,, we had to bind to beams together in an sort of teepee-form,, in two groups,, each at one side of the water-lake-thingy. Then there was this rope that we had to stetche, so one person could crawl over it to the other side. And those beams were real heavy,, like,, my father would have had trouble to lift them. And the whole time we were in a fight with the beams to get them straight up. And finally they standed! So,, I looked over to the other side of the puddle,, wondering how the other group was doing with their HUGE beams,, and suddenly there was a lot of screaming behind me,, like; 'WATCH OUT!'
and; 'AAAAAAAAAAAAH!'  and; 'LOOK OUT!'. And then,, out of nowhere BAM,, right on my head. The beams had slipped out of their hand ( it was all muddy and wet,, and so where the beams,, and it already had been another difficulty to get them straight up,, because of the mudd- and wetness. )
And seriously,, everyone came running towards me. Somebody also catched me,, because it became all black for me,, and I was kinda out. And then apparently they all said to me; 'Sit down,, come on,, sit down now,, girl. Rozemarijn,, sit down. ROSE,, SIT DOWN! SIT! " And then I came a little back on earth,, while sitting on the ground,, and it seemed that I've had a realy weird look in my eyes. They gave me a cold-pack,, and it wasn't just a little bump on my head,, no no,, it was like a whole EGG! And then I've heard somebody saying; 'Ooh yeah,, it bleeds a little.' on the moment that I was getting a bit more back on earth,, so I screamed; 'WHAT?! I BLEED?!' And they immediately reassured me; 'No no,, Rozemarijn,, easy,, relax,, it's just a flesh-wound!'
I was literally totally out. :} And the same day I had this huge blue circles beneath me eyes,, an apparently that's a bad sign. xD And now I'm dieng with a real bad headache,, and nauseam,, and dizziness, and I'm completely out of balance. Seriously,, it was extremely muddy there,, ( like I've said before. xD ) and I could handle that fine,, and I didn't fall or anything,, and then after that hit,, I kept falling! D:

Well,, that was a real story,, wasn't it? xD
After all,, it wasn't that bad. At least,, not on the first day. My class really came togheter,, and I had to spend time with the crush that I'm not in class with anymore. ( DDDDDDDD: ) And there was this campfire-thingy that was just lovely too. At least,, at first. I didn't have to do everything,, because of my bad bad knees,, and I couldn't make the huge walk at night anymore,, because I already had used my knees to much,, so with the other kids that couldn't go,, we made this campfire. And then the first group came back ( with my crush ),, and a few of them came sit with to us ( including my crush ),, and it was real peace-full,, and nice,, and calm,, with a few jokes,, and a few laughs. (: Yeah... That was probably the nicest moment of the whole adventure. :}
Ooh no,, wait! Remember when I told you that we had to muddle to the swamp? Well,, you didn't have to do that. Almost everybody did it though. xD But I wasn't in the mood,, and I just watched. :}
And it smelled! D: Jezus! xD But then,, everybody ended in the lake-thingy,, so everybody was clean after they've came out of there. That was really cool too... (: Probably because every guy walked around without a shirt. xD Including crush. :}

But,, always look on the bright side of life. (: Now school officially started,, and I'm still at home,, being all headacherish. xD Well,, tomorrow I'm getting back to school. :} It's probably about time too. :} Well,, I was a bit stupid sunday too. xD My birthday was then,, and I thought on saturday; 'I can handle that!' Well... Not. :} The accident was on friday,, and you have to get at least three days of rest. And rest in that case doesn't mean screaming girls and laughing all day,, no that means 3 days of sleeping and maybe watch a little tv. Yeah. One tip,, if you ever have a concussion,, do NOT go to a party. xD And do not host one either! That's even worse! D:< Believe me. xD

Well,, I'm going back to my Friends-marathon again. (: I'm gonna get a nice hot cup of tea,, lay back,, and laugh about the joker Chandler,, the funny actions of Rachel,, the stupid comments of Joey,, the nicely cocky Monica,, the over-hilarical Pheobe and the funniest Ross. ;D

Goe-bai! <333

I couldn't choose. :} THEY ARE ALL SO BEAUTIFUL! ;DDD

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