zaterdag 25 september 2010

Dog-dreams (:

Ooh em gee, I want this dog later soooo badly! xD
I mean like... JESUS! :}

The Mastiff... Aren't they just gigantic? xD
I would like to have a few dogs when I'm older. I even have a few specifics. (:
Of course the dogs I own already; The Drentsche Patrijs!

I mean, the Drentsche Patrijs dogs are just so cute! ;D And very obedient! And sweet,
and very friendly towards other dogs. (:
These two are the ones we own now;
Bello (left) & Brandy (right). ;D
(one of the dogs above -the wet one- is funny enough the father of Bello. :})

These dog look like fun too... The Czechoslovakian-wolfdog. (: Probably because they
are such look-a-likes from wolves. And I luvv wolves. ;D But they seem very elegant. And
the things I read about them are also very positive. They're not like their 'family-wolfdog'
The Saarloos-wolfdog. Because family of mine own one of them, and that dog is soo shy,
that it isn't really fun anymore. He growls to the persons he don't know, he even growls if he
already knows you, but don't trust you. And that's apparently very scary. xD
So the Czechoslovakian-wolfdog shouldn't be like that, I hope. :}

Dogs I also like a lot, are husky's! ;D I mean, those dogs are just so... Wauw!
And they're sweet and loyal too. So they can't be bad, right? xD I mean, if man-kind used
them as their travel-companions... xD And those dogs are also very similar to wolves. (:

And then, at last, the dog I also adore, the Berner Senne. (: They look just so cuddly! And
bearish! And they also have the sweetest personality! ;D

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