zondag 26 september 2010

Bello && Brandy. (:

Bello on the left, and Brandy on the right. :} And now I'm gonna tell the stories of their lives. :}

Brandy is already 12 years old, born on the 10th of march. Nicknames: Brennie, Bennie, chi-chi-woefer,
knuppel (means bat in english, but it has a somewhat different meaning in dutch. xD), stommie (silly), etc. etc. xD He's very stupid in his head,always have been. xD And you can do everything with him, he wouldn't give a damn. xD
He's so sweet... Once, my mom and little sister thought there was a tick on his belly.
I said, no there isn't, no there isn't. But they were convinced. Alright then. So they were trying to take it of with the pincet, and he was looking at me like; 'Help me? Help me please?'
And they were like, 'it won't come off... Hey! It's bleeding!'
So I took a look, and they were all this time trying to twist of his nipple! D:
And Brandy hadn't do anything. xD Just sitting there, thinking; 'Aaw, aaw, why are they doing this to meee?!' I felt so bad for him. D:
My mother never liked him. She also didn't like his name. But hey, that wasn't our choice. 
See, he was born, went to 4 different families, they all couldn't take care of him anymore,
and then he went to an old man, who teached him very bad manners, like opening doors and steeling
food, and beg, and stuff. And then that man died, and he went to the couple who had bought one of Brandy's sisters, and stayed there for a few months. And then we've got him. (: And the saddest thing is, it all happened even before he turned 3. D: And he's so sweeeeet! D:
Now he's living happily with us. ;D


Bello has just turned 1! ;D On the 9th of september. Funny, hmm? He was born on 09-09-'09. :} Nicknames: Belly, bellybelloow, Pelly, pellypolarpear, bellyboo, pellypoo, etc, etc. :} He's like, the funniest dog on this planet. ;D He's so playfull, and fun. Not a hero though, fast scared of something. xD We went to look at him a few times before we had him, and especially then, because he was so small and cuddly! ;D And now he's a rebel! :} But still very very very very very very cute. (:

Goebai! <3

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