zondag 4 september 2011

My Summer!

Me ~ little sister ~ niece <3
Amsterdam <3

Loes <3

Waking up really early sucks! But sometimes you see things that make it worth it all sudden (:

A few months ago, in Italy <3

Niki ~ Me ~ ^Goof ~ Marloes

Lovely sunset ;D

Marloes ~ Me

The stallion on the camping, Strizzi <3

Paul ~ Me (:

Babe, the kind of evil but still so cute pig on the camping x]

Moi, on one of the rare sunny days xD

Like I said, waking up early blows, but the world is still so untouched and peacefull (:

Niki ~ Me ~ Marloes

The "disco-dip" colors I adored x]

Marloes ~ Me

Strizzi the stallion, with our tent, where we lived in <3

Me ~ Strizzi <3

Pretty dawn <3

Strizzi (:

I'm obsessed with taking pictures of the sky, the sun and the clouds, etc <3

Little sister, Elsemieke ~ the foal Sterre <3

Another sky, haha (:

Sterre ~ Me <3

Kenna ~ Me <3

The name of my old dog on a piece of candy, while I was reading, of course, Harry Potter <3

Strizzi ~ Me <3

Loes ~ Me <3
Sneak peek of what will probably be my next post, of all the things I bought this summer ;D
I know, I know, I know! It's been almost 2 months since my last post! xD
But I had my summervacation, and I was rarely home x]
That's why there are a LOT of pictures, and this is just a small selection x]
I was a month in Zeeland, to work on a camping (where they had the horses and all), and
now I've gotten quite rich! ;D
I've also been to my family in Rotterdam. (:
And of course, I went shopping lots and lots of times x] Including in Rotterdam,
to the primark, and Amsterdam, and a few places in Zeeland! ;D
For instance, and I know it's actually really to crazy, I bought this summer 7 pairs of shoes... xD
One very expensive one, and 6 pairs that had a more reasonable price (:
But, the really expensive were my new Uggs, the ones I wanted so badly for so long, I told about
them a while ago, in this post;
But I just had other new Uggs, so I dropped it, but my mother said I could pick out a new pair this year (:
It's actually my 5th pair of uggs already. xD And they are really too expensive!
Luckily I have parents like mine x]

Have a nice day/week/month/year/life <3
xx Roos Nessa (Rozemarijn Vanessa)

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  1. your summer looks awesome while my summer was mostly spend at campus!

  2. I love your posts because they're always so full of amazing pictures!! ;) it really looks like you had a great summer!!
    how are you?? :)