maandag 4 juli 2011

Maleusje <3

Party Joep <3

I finally have summervacation! ;DD
And there's sale EVERYWHERE, and my parents are so generous it's getting scary,
so I have bought new stuff, and I'm gonna buy so much more! (:
This skirt I bought at the H&M for only €3,-
That's just something you can't leave in the shop, don't you think so too? xD
And I'm enjoying my free time so much! (:
I just had an awesome birthday party of Joep, wich was so much fun (:
And it was so cosy around the bonfire ;3
And tomorrow I'll have the birthday party of my friend Laura, and the day after that
from my best friend maleusje <3
And they're all gonna be so awesome (:
And next I'll finally go to Zeeland! ;D

This summer is going to be the best summer ever <3

Goebai! ;D

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