maandag 14 maart 2011

Mind the gap! (London post ;D)

Heeyaa! ;D Back from London (:
It was sooooo nice! (: And so many things have happened! Fun, but also some scary stuff x]
But first, a few of the items I bought in lovely lovely London ;D There are many more, but I'm also quite busy x] Really, it's like they only do it just to bully me, those stupid teachers :}

I adore my new little tick-tock ;3 I always love to accesorize ;D And how about you? I personally can't live without my necklace, that's for sure. And with that necklace (that I got form my grandma) I like to wear another. A longer one. (: And bracelets xD And rings! ;D I gave up on earrings tho :} My pierced ears always grow shut again within 2 months x] I already pierced them at least 3 times x] So now I gave my little sister almost all my old earrings :}
Next post, I'll post some real photografy again, not based on fashion, but clouds! ;D
Ooooh, I'm so looking forward to the summer! Nice hot long days again, really, I have these summervibes ;D

Goebai <3

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  1. geeft niet hoor, hihi! Oeeh dus jij hebt ook zo'n lekker kamertje waar je helemaal tot rust kan komen! aah heb jij een laptop! Ik ben zoo jaloers. Die wil ik gaan vragen voor mijn verjaardag, maar dat duurt nog een paar maandjes. damnn.. Oh huh, ik dacht dat ik je al volgde! Maar dan volg je nu!
    Veel succes met je blog, en ik neem nog heel vaak een kijkje, jij ook?


  2. nice accessories hon! Hoe was het weer daar?

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments (: Yes! The weather was absolutely beautiful when we were there! We came there; sun, we were there; sun, we left; sun! And I thought Londen was so cold and rainy. xD Guess not, or we were just very lucky. x] Haha! xD

  4. i love your post!
    You have such a lovely blog!

  5. Just enter my giveaway hon! Je hebt op blogs grote winkansen. You never know... Fijne dag!

  6. lovely post! where did you go in london?
    cute blog

    franky xx

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  8. Oh London is a dream,the perfect place for shopping!But u have to visit Italy to!!!
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  9. Love the bird ring!

  10. wow, toffe ring!


  11. I'm glad you had a good time in London! You lucky girl. That watch necklace is absolutely beautiful! I adore your glasses too.