zaterdag 11 december 2010


Omfg, my heart isn't capable of taking the tensions and stuff in thrillers... xD I think my heart stopped, at this film I just finished watching, at least 4 times. :}
And I always start yelling at the headrole-player. xD
"NOO! COMMON! SHUT THAT DOOR! ... Yeah, well done, alright, good work... NOO! DON'T GO IN TO THAT BATHROOM! HE'S BEHIND THAT SHOWER CURTAIN! NOO-... Ooh, alright, he isn't behind the shower curtain... Yeah, yeah, shut that other door too, and just go sit there and quit hopping around with that hockeystick! OMG NOO, HE'S BEHIND THAT DOOR! RUN RUN RUN RUN! HIT HIM IN HIS FACE! GET THE KNIFE, GET THE KNIFE! GODDAMNIT, DON'T LET HIM WIN!!! OMG STUPID BITCH HE'S GOING TO KILL YOU! DON'T ROLL DOWN THE STAIRS! Ooh, a gun that just lies around there... GRAB THE GUUUUUUUUN! SHOOT HIM! SHOOT-HIM!!! NOO, DON'T DROP THE GUN! NOO-huh? ... YEAH! GO DADDY! SHOOT HIM! Alright, and they lived happily ever after (:"

Sometimes... I get a bit hysterical. xD But basically only when I'm watching scary movies. xD And when I get chased or something... And probably more stressfull situations... But let's move on again, alright?! xD

Pffffffffffft, I have to get some sleep now. :}

Goebai. (:

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