zaterdag 19 februari 2011

I want these! (UGG special xD)

I want them sooooo badly!
It's the UGG Adirondack:

The only problem is that I just had new UGG's. x]
Literally, just 2 weeks ago or something. :} And then my mom bought a pair for herself too.
My family is a bit into UGG's  xDD The pair I just got is already my 4th pair :}
For the first pair I wanted, I had too nag for I don't know how long! And then I finally got them (:
Those looked like these:

But after a year or so, they've gotten really worn out. So I wanted new shoes.
I didn't want even UGG's, but my mom insisted x] So I got these:

Everybody thought they were silly, but I loved them xD My mom still wears them inside the house. Like house-slippers :} And sometimes I wear them too :}
But my caught another UGG that I really wanted. But my mom thought I didn't need them. And she found them too expensive. So, I did allot of chores, and my mom eventually bought them much cheaper from a site, right out of australia. xD Those looked like these:

The one on the left (: I wore these almost everyday; I adored them! And up till 2 weeks ago I wore them really everytime ;D But they were also kinda worn out ( I own them 2,5 years already xD Give me a break x]), so my mom wanted me to buy new ones. We were shopping in the city when she suddenly said to me: 'You have to get new UGG's!'
But I didn't want new ones. I said to her: 'I would rather buy 20 pairs of other shoes, for the same money!'
But she told me: 'No, you are going to get new UGG's, cause you have big feet, and they fit you perfectly.'
So I said: 'Well, thankyou! But I don't want them. Really, I don't.'
But she still yanked me into every UGG store we came across, and showed me every pair she thought was nice. And I told her everytime; 'No. Those are ugly.' 'No, I don't want them!' 'Nooooo! Maybe 20 pair of other shoes?!'
But then she showed me this awesome pair... And I was in love again x] So she bought me these:

Don't you just love them too? ;D But... Now I also really want those UGG's I posted first, the Adirondack. I guess I'll just have to save than :}

Goebai, I hope I didn't bore you with my UGG-nagging, haha! xD

Cheerio <3

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  1. I'd never ever buy real Uggs, because they're way too expensive for what they're worth.. I bought some Ugg-lookalike boots, payed way less and they're still alive :P

  2. Well if your parents are well-employed, then go for it girl, hahaa. And uhm no, I didn't take those pictures myself, but if you look carefully, you'll see a little link beneath the pictures ^^


  3. i love the second pair, i think i'd buy them if they didn't cost so much!
    thankyou for the follow lovely i'm glad you like my blog :)


  4. hahha ik hou niet echt van uggs. ik vind ze op pantoffels lijken(: maar ze staat je vast wel goed! als je geld ooit hebt om die hele collectie te kopenxd

  5. hope i can wear those kind of shoes here in the Philippines heheh.nice pictures!

  6. i love ugg boots..they're perfect for winter (not in my beloved tropics but in hubby's side of the world..)! Thanks for that sweet comment you left on my last post by the way! Am following back of course!


  7. i've been eye-ing some Uggs lately too.. but they're too expensive.waaah