maandag 10 januari 2011


Have you ever been, in the most annoying love scene?
Well, I am.
I named him Jared here before, so I'll keep on using that name, but, come on!
He likes me, he likes me not? Someone tells me he does like me, but from him I almost get no attention or whatever anymore? We went on at least 5 dates, and he still hadn't made a move?
And, I would love to do that, believe me, but noooooooooooo. At that moment, I just can't.
Maybe that's the same for him, but... COME ON, MAN UP, FOR GOD SAKE.
Is it that hard? Really? That hard?
Why then, whyyyyyyyyy can you still end up kissing other girls, drunken, while going out, but me, the one girl you 'liked', the one you were serious about, is still waiting for you?
Dude, make up you FRIGGIN mind.

Just saying, sincerely,

Me, you know, the girls that is, at least was, a 100% serious about wanting you.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. ja das echt vervelend,
    nja hoop dat hij n move gaat maken :)
    mooie foto's heb je op je blog!
    comment/follow if u like <3

  2. Ik zou zeggen: maak je move, waarom zou hij de eerste moeten zijn?! Weet je meteen waar je aantoe bent...


  3. Tnx for the follow and your msg!

    Misschien maar beter dat je nu weet waar je aantoe bent en weer verder kan en je gedachten ergens anders op kan richten?!

  4. @dl.blogspot
    Yeah, you're probably right (: