maandag 18 oktober 2010

Heartbreak hotel of my own...

Ooh my gaawd, it smells so goooooood... My dad is great at cooking, unfortunately. xD And I almost ate nothing today, and I think I'm going to lose my... well, whatever.

Today, at chemistry, we had to put on white coats, cause we were
doing this 'exciting' experiment. The teacher was talking in his monotone voice, and
I was bored, so looked around at my class mates. A bit giggly with a friend of mine, that was sitting
at the other side of the room. Then I looked at the back of my class, and I saw him sitting...
I gasped my breath at his beauty, and the only thing I could do was stare.
He sat with his back against the wall, in thisperfect sunbeam,
staring blanky at the teacher, with his gaze on infinity...
It was so beautiful, it made me want to cry...
I mean, he is always beautiful, of course, but at that moment, with that
magical light, and his perfectly rebelious face...

Why can't I have him?

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