woensdag 25 augustus 2010

Blogga Blagga [2]

Yo ho,, yo ho,, me maty's! ;D
Today I'm going to sail away on the rough and wild oceans of this planet...
Well,, it's actually a lake... And it's in Holland,, so that stands for nothing rough. :}
But,, whatever! ;D
It's kinda dumb tho,, we just came back from our holiday in Zeeland,, do we have to make the whole trip back,, so we can float around a bit on a little lake.
But,, you don't hear me! ;D I love to sail! ;D It gives such a free feeling...
That reminds me! I had a few amazing dreams on my holiday,, and yesterday night,, but I'll type them out on a different time. :}

Gotta go now!
Yo ho,, yo ho,, me maty's! :}

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