zaterdag 31 juli 2010

Blogga Blagga [1]

Omg... *giggle*
Me and my dad are little criminals! Haha! xD Well,, not little,, in my dads case,, but you know what I mean. :}
We went to the IKEA,, because I needed a new bed. So,, we went there yesterday,, and picked one out,, and today we came back. I needed a new bed-frame and mattress. We did already have the right... Ehm... Slats? For beneath the mattress,, you know? xD But that was broken,, because me and my friend jumped on it,, and it cracked. xD But only one slat was broken! So,, when we came back today,, we grabbed the frame ( they were out of the right mattresses. D: ),, and there,, right in front of our noses,, was a opened package,, with just the right slat in it! But my dad thought: 'I'm not gonna pay for the whole damn thing' So we grabbed the slat,, and layed it inconspicuous next to the bed-frame-package. But I thought,, if we were going to sneek the slat out,, they would notice it! So I said: 'Put it in the package of the bed-frame! Then they won't notice!' So,, we did that,, and walked to the pay desk. And my dad was all acting nervous,, and walking extra-fast and things,, and I was just relaxed,, and walk relaxed and stuff,, and told my dad he shouldn't act so suspiciously. xD
We payed for the thing,, and wandered right out of the store,, no biggy.
But my dad was acting like,, I don't know,, like a child that did something really bad,, like steal candy or something ( xD ),, but knowing they wouldn't nose it out in a million years. xD
It was fun. :}
And now I have my new bed! ;D

Well,, Goebai! <3

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